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Office Tab languages - free licenses for helping us translate our software

Get free software licenses for helping us professionally translate our software. The granting of the license is given once we ensure the quality. Please contact us at: .

blue-dot Languages requiring translation.

blue-dot How to translate software into your language?

arrow blue right bubble   Languages requiring translation

Requiring translations (or the translating is finished, but required updating)

Note: The following languages are partially translated in our software, please choose your language for helping us translate. Please send an email to to inform us which language you are going to translate.

English >> Japanese

 Finished. Required updating.

English >> Danish

 Finished. Required updating.

English >> Finnish

 Finished. Required updating.

English >> Hungarian

 Finished. Required updating.

English >> Your languages If none of the above languages is yours, please send an email to to inform us which language you are going to translate our software into, and to know whether you can get free license for it.

Available languages

English Complete
Chinese (Simplified) Complete
Chinese (Traditional) Complete
Slovenian Complete. Translator:  Dejan G.
Indonesian  Complete. Translator:  Zalzala Zilzal
German  Complete. Translator:  Alexander Schulz
Armenian  Complete. Translator:  Hrant Ohanyan
Dutch  Complete. Translator:  Fred van Waard
French  Complete. Translator:  Noel REVOIL
Korean  Complete. Translator:  Byeongho Bae
Italian  Complete. Translator:  Francesco Lelj
Russian  Complete. Translator:  Alexander
Polish  Complete. Translator:  SPOPIELAR
Swedish  Complete. Translator:  Ola B
Brazilian Portuguese  Complete. Translator:  Sergio Baiao
Vietnamese  Complete. Translator:  Nguyen Duy Trung
Romanian  Complete. Translator:  Cozma Lucian
Spanish  Complete. Translator:  Rene Rios
Spanish (Latin America)  Complete. Translator:  Osvaldo
Czech  Complete. Translator:  Manar Chaker

arrow blue right bubble How to help us translate Office Tab from English into your language?

If you're interested in translating the software from English into another language (your language), please go to edit and translate the languages file which is located at the installation folder and is usually: "C:\Users\Public\Documents\Office Tab\Language\Language.xml".

blue-dot For helping us translate the software, please go to download and install the latest version of the software from our website first.

blue-dot Please select "Customize Language" option from Languages in Office Tab Center (Start > All Programs > Office Tab > Office Tab Center) as follows:


blue-dot Please remember where to find the language file you need for translation after selecting Customize Language. Tip: Please click "File Location" button to access the language file folder.


blue-dot Please copy and paste the language file into a new folder on your computer for translation. The Languages file is located at the installation folder and is usually: "C:\Users\Public\Documents\Office Tab\Language\Language.xml"

blue-dot After translation, please place your translation file into the language folder of the software to replace the original language file, and then restarting your Office Applications to take effect.

blue-dot Which part of the language file (xml) you can edit and modify? For example, the content between office-tab-languages-04 and office-tab-languages-05can be modified or edited. See screenshot:


blue-dot Please don't translate the following terms or special characters in the language file.

Tabs for Excel Tabs for Access
Tabs for Word Tabs for #
Tabs for PowerPoint Office Tab
Tabs for Project Detong Technology Ltd.
Tabs for Visio #
Tabs for Publisher &

blue-dot Please send your final translation to with detailed information about which software license you want to have and your license name for the software. The granting of the license is given once we ensure the quality.