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It was really nice to use, I want to use it more.

Caryl Martin

Your extreme patience is only exceeded by your impressive skill and ability. I am very grateful for the first class support and guidance you have given to me. Thank you.


This is Brilliant!! No more bouncing back and forth - losing track of which documents you have open, etc. Welcome addition to MS Office!!


Your Office Tab application is so incredibly valuable and enhances productivity so much in Microsoft Office.


I am very pleased with your Office Tab Enterprise application and recommend it to all my work associates. It is very functional and extremely helpful when working with several documents simultaneously. Thank you for providing a great product. I look forward to evaluating more of your software applications.

Robert Fontenot

I recently purchased from your company several pieces of software for use with Microsoft Office:

- Office Tab
- Kutools for Word
- Kutools for Outlook
- Classic Menu for Office 2010 and 2013

Because my office uses Microsoft Office for the reason that some of my clients insist upon it, I have found the use of the software very difficult (I am used to using TextMaker and Kingsoft Office for my own personal uses). I have been looking for something that would give me some of the same ease-of-use in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Outlook as do our preferred programs.

Your excellent software is exactly what we were looking for. It installs easily, works perfectly, and makes the Microsoft Office applications (we are using 2010) easier-to-use and much more convenient.

Most of our principal complaints about Microsoft Office have been solved by your software programs. The classic menu and tabs programs make Microsoft Word much more pleasant to use. The Kutools for Outlook and Word a particular favorites because they really make it much easier to use those programs effectively.

Thank you for excellent and extremely useful software, I can see that it will become indispensable to me as I learn its large number of very useful features.

John Sutherland