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Very helpful to convert a lot of excel '97 files to xlsx! Thanks a lot!


Excellent software very practical and very good work


Most useful tool for me while using MS Office Word except the program Word itself.


Great Software has been designed

Henderson Yap

I found the Office Tab Enterprise application extremely helpful . Thank you for providing a great product. I look forward for more in multiple dimension. THANKS


I've been saving time with Kutools for years and I cannot easily describe my delight when I search for a solution to an excel calculation or action to find right on top or close to the top, there is Extendoffice answering my problem AND telling me how to solve it with more than one or two ways... manually with a formula, with VBA and with Kutools. I think what I like the best is their lack of stinginess - and the support is great when I can't find my registration code.

Extend Office is a great product and I am considering using their Kutools for Outlook to help simplify my inbox and make my emails magical!

Thanks Extend Office, and the person or persons behind the name!


It is very useful software. As i am statistical officer and need to implement too much formulas again and again. It is very usefull tool.

Harvinder Kaur

I needed an excel product that would save me the time of writing all those formulas and KuTools did exactly what it was supposed to do. No more trying how to count the yellow background cells on a page and compare it to the number of red background cells. KuTools does it all automatically. That is just one example, the package has formulas for problems we did not know existed. The hundreds of hours that would have otherwise been spent on creating the formulas is now a thing of the past and that time can be put to constructive and profitable efforts. Thank you KuTools for such a wonderful product.




It was really nice to use, I want to use it more.

Caryl Martin