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  Thursday, July 27, 2023
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Good news! Kutools for Excel 28.00 is coming with dozens of useful new features and excellent feature improvements! You can upgrade to or have a free trial of this version by downloading Kutools for Excel 28.00 .

Tip: full function & feature, free trial in 30 days! If the 2-year free upgrade support period is not expired, you are entitled to a free upgrade to this version.

New features

1. Find Duplicates
This feature helps identify duplicates based on one or more specified columns. Once the duplicates are identified, you can perform various operations on them:
- Select Duplicates: This option selects the rows within the specified range that contain duplicates.
- Hide Duplicates: This option hides the rows that contain duplicates.
- Identify Duplicates: This option marks the rows that contain duplicates.
- Select and Hightlight Duplicates: This option will select and highlight the rows within the chosen range that contain duplicates.
2. Add to Right (Column)
By default, when adding new columns in Excel, the columns are inserted to the left of the selected ones. With the 'Add to Right' feature, you can easily add new columns to the right of the selected columns.
3. Add Below (Row)
Typically, when adding new rows in Excel, the rows are inserted above the selected ones. With the 'Add Below' feature, you can conveniently add new rows below the selected rows.
4. Add Columns
The 'Add Columns' feature allows you to insert a specific number of columns to the left or right of a selection, removing the need for manual counting.
5. Add Rows
The 'Add Rows' feature enables you to insert a specific number of rows above or below a selection, eliminating the manual counting of rows.


1. Delete Blank Rows: In Selected Range
The 'In Selected Range' option has been enhanced with a new interface, which supports two operations:
- Deleting blank rows within the selected range.
- Deleting entire rows that contain blank cells within the selected range.
2. Ribbon UI
The layout of some functional area interfaces in the Ribbon UI has been optimized.


1. Fixed: Superscript / Subscript
A misalignment issue occurring when the content is displayed on high-resolution screens has been fixed.

2. Several minor bugs have been resolved.
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