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unanswered incrementing cell position 10 on copy/paste

9 months 3 weeks ago #2153 by Roger Trendowski
incrementing cell position 10 on copy/paste was created by Roger Trendowski
New forum member.  I don't know if I am using the correct terminology so please excuse me. I haven't used Excel in 10 years but have a task for my non profit Cliub organization)
RE: Excel  (using 2007 version)
I have 10 cells of data (this is my typist input area) that are the same 10 cells for every input. They are in B1-B10 (where A1-A10 are text descriptors for B1-B10)
I want to  copy and paste these 10 cells into cells A20:A30,  then  on second data input to B20:B30, C20:C30 etc.  As you can see these fields are my Db.
Every time after the B1-B10 cell data is copied/pasted , the B1: B10 are cleared with cursor returns to B1 (so typist can start typing input of new series 3 digit numbers)

What am I trying to do?  At a motorcycle rally, We have voting for best motorcycle in each of 10 MC classes. Voting by members will be done on sheet of paper. There may be up to 15 motorcycles per class.   Paper vote will be turned in to our typist. Example: for Class100, person will vote eg 101 for bike 101, then type 204 for bike 204 in Class200, then eg 310 for bike in Class 300. etc for 10 classes.  All individual motorcycles will have individual 3 digit number. We expect 300 voting people and therefore x 10 classes =3000 votes.

What I have done:  I have experimented with Recording Macros and the copy/paste works as does zeroing out input fields... but I don't know how to automatically change where the 10 data fields are pasted in incremental fields (B20:B30, C20:C30, D20:30, etc)

I appreciate any help members of the forum can do

Roger T

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