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Easily reading / viewing a large number of rows and columns in Excel

If you work at the worksheet contains huge data with hundreds of rows and columns, you may be easily getting puzzle while checking and jumping the data from one to the another one which will waste time. For solving this problem, the Reading Layout utility of Kutools for Excel highlights the across row and column to make the active cell or range outstanding as below screenshot shown. Demo

shot reading layout 2

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Enable the Reading Layout utility

Click Kutools > Reading Layout to enable this utility, while the Reading Layout is enabled, the tab is highlighted.
shot reading layout 2

Reading Layout settings

If you want to change the settings such as the shapes, styles, colors or transparency, you can go to the Reading Layout Settings dialog to change.

Click Kutools tab, and go to click the arrow beside Reading Layout to expand the drop-down menu, then click Reading Layout Settings.
shot reading layout 2

In the Reading Layout Settings dialog, you can change the shapes, styles, colors and transparency as you need, also at the same time you can preview the change in Preview section before you applying the changes.
shot reading layout 2

About Highlight the area of active cell and Highlight the area on editing of cell options.

Tick Highlight the area of active cell option, the active cell or range will be highlighted.

shot reading layout 2

Untick Highlight the area of active cell option, but tick the Highlight the area on editing of cell option, the active cell or range will be not highlighted, but the overflowing area is highlighted.

shot reading layout 2

Untick both of Highlight the area of active cell and Highlight the area on editing of cell options, both the active cell or range and the overflowing area will be not highlighted.

shot reading layout 2

Enable Reading Layout: tick this option, after settings and click Ok, the Reading Layout will be auto enabled.

Default Settings: click this button, the settings of Reading Layout have been restored to the default settings of Kutools.


1. You can cancel this utility by clicking the Reading Layout command, the tab changes to light grey.

2. If you open multiple Excel files, this Reading Layout feature is applied to all of them.

3. This Reading Layout will not be enabled automatically when you launch the workbook next time.

Reading Layout Demo

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    Screen shot of Kutools for Excel

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    purohitbhavesh742 · 1 months ago
    Hey, Its Nice Post thanks for sharing this with us 
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    TractorGuru · 5 months ago
    Hello, Thanks for sharing this informative blog with us.
  • To post as a guest, your comment is unpublished. · 8 months ago
    This feature is great. Bear in mind I had an existing Excel file where this button was ALWAYS disabled. I had to copy-and-paste the data out of the file and save it into a new file to get the "Reading Layout" button to enable. It then worked fine.
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    Lindomar · 2 years ago
    se eu compra a licença consigo instalar mais de uma vez no pc ou só serve uma vez ?
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    Andrew · 2 years ago
    This solved one of my biggest headaches. I have one program that outputs a report that when exported to Excell it creates 200 worksheets! I have never been able to use it until now. Merging all of them into one worksheet only takes a few minutes with Kutools.
  • To post as a guest, your comment is unpublished.
    Arun · 4 years ago
    Thanks A lot of this product, mainly its use for reading layout & shortcuts of left side menu
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    Rodger A Sanders · 4 years ago
    My OS: Windows 7 Pro fully updated
    My Excel: 2010
    My sheet: Range R1C6:R504C6 is in use


    1. Magnification: 60%
    2. Rows 313-355 show
    3. Cell R354:C6 selected
    4. Column 5 fills to row 323. Row 354 no fill
    5. Mag to 50%
    6. Rows 311-357 show
    7. Column 5 fills top to bottom. Row 354 fills left to right
    8. Mag to 60%. Goto 4.
    9. Mag to 70%.
    10. Rows 319-354 show
    11. Column 6 fills to row 325. Row 354 is empty.
    12. Click R354:C6
    13. No change!
    14. WHY?

    NOTE: At 60% magnification selecting any cell on visible sheet on rows greater than 323 demonstrates same problem.
    Selecting row 323 or lower i.e R320 the function works as expected with row and column selected but only to
    row 323!
  • To post as a guest, your comment is unpublished.
    John · 6 years ago
    Thank you for a good product.
    I am using reading layout at the moment but it only highlights in some parts of the spreadsheet. If I move the cursor further the highlights disappear.

    I am using Windows 8.1 and Office 2013.
    Also I am filtering the spreadsheet to look at certain rows.

    Thank you for your assistance with this.

    I am entering data in another program and need the highlight option.