Easily reading / viewing a large number of rows and columns in Excel

There may be a lot of rows and columns in your worksheet, and it is difficult for you to check for formulas or data in such a huge worksheet. But with Kutools for Excel’s Reading Layout utility, which makes it easier to check for data by highlighting the row and column of the active cell as follows:

Reanding Layout demo

How to highlight active cell row and column:

You can select one cell or a range of cells in your worksheet, and click Kutools > Reading Layout > Reading Layout to enable this Reading Layout utility. And the entire columns and rows of the selected cells are highlighted intuitively. See screenshots:

  • Enable Reading Layout: click to this option to enable or disable the Reading Layout.
  • Reading Layout Settings: click on this option to configure the settings of the Reading Layout in the Reading Layout Settings dialog box. See screenshot:



  • 1. You can cancel this utility by clicking the Reading Layout command.
  • 2. If you open multiple Excel files, this Reading Layout feature is applied to all of them.
  • 3. This Reading Layout will not enabled automatically when you launch the workbook next time.

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Kutools for Excel

The functionality described above is just one of 200 powerful functions of Kutools for Excel.

Designed for Excel(Office) 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007 and Office 365. Free download and use for 60 days.

Screen shot of Kutools for Excel

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Permalink 0 John
Thank you for a good product.
I am using reading layout at the moment but it only highlights in some parts of the spreadsheet. If I move the cursor further the highlights disappear.

I am using Windows 8.1 and Office 2013.
Also I am filtering the spreadsheet to look at certain rows.

Thank you for your assistance with this.

I am entering data in another program and need the highlight option.
2014-11-13 08:00 Reply Reply with quote Quote

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