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How to change the color or remove the underline from hyperlinks in Word?

When you insert hyperlinks in Word, the default hyperlink color is blue. And if you want to change the hyperlink color or remove the underlines of the hyperlinks, you can do as following steps:

Change the color of the hyperlinks in Word

Remove the underlines from hyperlinks in Word

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arrow blue right bubbleChange the color of the hyperlinks in Word

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1. In the Hometab.

2. Click the small icon under Change Styles to open Styles window.

3. Click the Hyperlink drop down menu > Modify…

Note: this option will only appear if your document contains hyperlink.

4. In the Modify window, click on the blue color (default color) and choose your preferred color from the dropdown menu.

5. Click OK to apply the change.

arrow blue right bubble Remove the underlines from hyperlinks in Word

1. Click Home tab, and go to click the Styles launcher button to display the Styles pane. See screenshot:

2. In the Styles pane, click on the drop-down icon or right click on Hyperlink, and then click Modify from the Hyperlink drop-down menu. See screenshot:

3. In the Modify Style dialog, click the Underline button then click OK to close the dialog. See screenshot:

4. Then close the Styles pane if you do not need it any more. You can see the result as shown as below:

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