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How to remove all bookmarks in Word?

Have you ever been in the situation that you editing a document with many bookmarks you want to get rid of them and you don’t know how to do? This tutorial will help a lot when you in this situation again.

Remove all bookmarks one by one manually

Remove all bookmarks with VBA code

One click to remove all bookmarks with Kutools for Word

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If there are just two or three bookmarks in the document you want to remove, you can manually remove them one by one.

Step 1: Please click Insert > Bookmark. See screenshot:

Step 2: All bookmarks of current document are listed in the drop down box of Bookmark window sort by name or location, select the bookmark you want to remove and click Delete.

arrow blue right bubble Remove all bookmarks with VBA code

If there are too many bookmarks in the document, it will be tedious to remove them all manually. VBA can make it easier. You can use a VBA as follows:

Step 1: Press Alt+F11 to open the Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications window in Word;

Step 2: Click Module from Insert tab;

Step 3: Insert VBA code into the Module window;

Step 4: Click Rundoc-reverse-sign-6 button or press F5 to apply VBA directly.

The VBA code to remove all bookmarks from document:

Sub removebookmarks()
Dim bkm As Bookmark
For Each bkm In ActiveDocument.Bookmarks
Next bkm
End Sub

arrow blue right bubble One click to remove all bookmarks with Kutools for Word

Kutools for Word provides two fast ways to remove all bookmarks from document. You just need to click once, and Kutools will remove all the bookmarks automatically.

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Way 1: Please apply this utility by clicking Kutools > More > Remove All Bookmarks. See screenshot:

Way 2: Alternatively, you can remove all bookmarks by clicking Kutools > Remove. See screenshot:


In way 1, after you clicking Remove All Bookmarks, all bookmarks from the whole document will be removed automatically.

But in Way 2, this Remove utility not only can remove all bookmarks from the whole document, but also can remove all bookmarks from the selected part of document.

For more information about Remove Bookmarks, please visit: Remove bookmarks feature description.

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    Jason Matthews · 3 years ago
    Is there any way to globally remove just the Hidden Bookmarks while leaving regular bookmarks intact? I have way too many Hidden Bookmarks to enjoy doing them manually one at a time.