Easily protect multiple sheets / worksheets at a time in Excel

Supposing you have a workbook which contains multiple worksheets, and now you want to protect them at once. The built in method of Excel allows you to only protect one worksheet at a time. If you want to protect multiple worksheets in Excel, you have to protect them one by one. But with Kutools for Excel’s Protect Worksheet utility, you can quickly protect multiple worksheets at once in Excel.

Protect multiple sheets / worksheets at once

arrow blue right bubbleClick Enterprise >> Protect Worksheet. See screenshots:

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arrow blue right bubble Protect multiple sheets / worksheets at once

1. Open the workbook which you want to portect the sheets / worksheets in Excel, and then apply the utility (Click Enterprise > Protect Worksheet).

2. And please check the worksheets which you want to protect with password in the Protect Worksheet dialog box. Note: only the unprotected sheets / worksheets will be listing in the the Protect Worksheet dialog box. See screenshot:


3. Click OK and using a password to protect the worksheets in the Protect Worksheet dialog box, at the same time, you can check the options which you want to allow others to do with this worksheet when it is protected.  See screenshot:


4. Click OK to protect worksheets.


Please don't worry about you cannot unprotect worksheets without Kutools for Excel. The protected worksheets can also be unprotected by using the Excel's native Unprotect Sheet command.

Please right click on the sheet tab which you want to unprotect and enter the passwords.


arrow blue right bubbleNotes:

1. Only the unprotected sheets / worksheets will be listing in the the Protect Worksheet dialog box.

2. If you want to unprotect multiple worksheets you have protected at once, please visit Unprotect Worksheet function.

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