How to remove all Macros in Excel?

Sometimes you record and create macros in Excel, or receive workbooks with macros. In some cases, you will need to remove all of the macros from workbook. Here we will share two ways to delete all macros in Excel conveniently and quickly.

Remove all macros with Macro command

Remove all macros with Kutools for Excel

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Usually we can remove macros one by one with Macro command in Excel.

Step 1: Please click View > Macros > View Macros, see screenshot:


Step 2: Then you get into the Macro dialog box. Select a macro that you want to delete, and choose All open workbooks from drop down list in Macros in area. See screenshot:


Step 3: Click the Delete button, and the selected macro is deleted, and you can redo the Step 2 and Step 3 to remove other macros one by one.

This Macro command can delete only one macro each time. Though it is not required to close the Macro dialog box, we have to delete all macros one by one with the repeating clicking mouse. It will be OK for a few macros, but must be tedious to remove numerous ones with this method.

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Kutools for Excel's Remove all Macros makes it possible to remove all macros in the whole workbook with only one click.

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Step 1: Click Kutools > Delete Tools > Remove All Macros, see screenshot:


Step 2: And a warning box will remind you all the format of macros are not inspected by the Document Inspector will be deleted.


Step 3: Click OK, and a prompt box will pop out to tell you all the macros have been removed successfully.


Note: This Remove All Macros tool require users to check the Trust access to the VBA project object model option when you use this tool for the first time. And you can check it with File >> Options >> Trust Center >> Trust Center Settings >> Macro settings >> Trust access to the VBA project object model.

For more detailed information about Remove All Macros, please visit Remove All Macros feature description.

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