How to show Navigation Pane in Excel?

We can go through documents by headings, pages, or images with Navigation Pane in Microsoft Word easily. However, it seems hard to find out similar tool in Excel. Is there such a Navigation pane in Microsoft Excel, so that we can locate workbooks, worksheets, or names in Excel quickly? You should try the Navigation Pane tool of Kutools for Excel

What the Navigation Pane can help you

Easily show or hide the Navigation Pane in Excel

Navigation Pane will help you work conveniently

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The Navigation Pane tool will insert a navigation pane similar as that in Microsoft Word at the left by default. With it, you can navigate by workbooks, sheets, columns, and names of ranges. In additional, it will list all opened workbooks if you open more than one workbook together.

  • Navigate to each opened workbooks quickly
  • Navigate to each worksheets of all opened workbooks
  • Navigate to each column of all opened workbooks
  • Navigate to each named range of all opened workbooks

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The navigation pane will display immediately after you click the Navigation Pane button in the View group under Kutools tab. See screenshot:

If the navigation pane has already been besides the worksheets, it will be hidden as soon as you click the Navigation Pane button again or click the close button on the right border of the pane. See screenshot:

Navigation Pane will help you work conveniently

1. You can close workbooks in navigation pane directly with clicking the close button behind them, if there is more than one opened workbook. It is not necessary to find out corresponding workbook windows from taskbar any more.

3. The navigation pane will update listed sheets, columns, names, and workbook automatically if you add, modify, or delete them.

4. You can switch between two worksheets in a workbook quickly by click doc-switch-button

5.Resize the pane by dragging the right border of the pane to the size you like.

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