How to insert multiple hyperlinks in a cell in Excel?

As we all known, in Excel there is only one hyperlink can be inserted into a cell by default. But sometimes, we need to insert two or more hyperlinks into a cell. How to insert multiple hyperlinks in a cell in Excel? You can get it done as follows:

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1. Click Insert in the ribbon, and then click Shape, then you can select a rectangle shape.

2. Drawing a rectangle in the text that you want to insert hyperlink. And the rectangle will shade the text. See screenshot:


3. Then click the rectangle and right-click, and choose the Format Shape from the menu, and then a Format Shape dialog box will pop out. Click Fill in the left pane, and check No fill in the right pane. See screenshot:


4. Go on clicking Line Color in the left pane, and check No line in the right pane.


5. Then click Close button. And the rectangle has been changed transparently. See screenshot:


6. Put the cursor at the transparent rectangle, and right-click, choose Hyperlink from the menu, and then you can specify the file or enter the address to be hyperlinked.

With this method, repeat the above steps, you can insert the second or multiple hyperlinks into an Excel cell.

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