How to create and use templates in Outlook?

If you are fed up with editing the same email over and over again, there is a way for you to get rid of this annoying repeat by using Outlook templates. You can enhance your work efficiency while using you created templates. The following instruction will help you:

Create and use templates in email sending in Outlook

Easily create and use templates in Outlook with Kutools for Outlook

Easily reply email with original attachments in Outlook

Kutools for Outlook's Reply with Attach utility can help you easily reply a received email with it's original attachments. see following screenshot:

doc recurring email

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1. After launch you outlook, create your email by clicking Home > New Email. See screenshot:

2. Compose your email.

3. Then click File > Save as after you finish composing your email.

4. When a dialog popping up, select your aim folder and name you file. In Save as type, select Outlook Template option from the drop-down list box. Finally click Save. See screenshot:

5. You will see an outlook template is created.

6. Now, it is time to use the template. If you don’t see the Developer tab showing on the Outlook ribbon, go to File tab, click Option > Customize ribbon. On the right pane, check the Developer box. Then click OK button.

7. Go to the Developer tab, click Choose Form.

8. In the showing up dialog, select your created template aim location from the Look In drop-down box. And then click Browse button to find the template file. After select it, click Open button to open it. See screenshot:

9. A new mail will be created after you clicking the Open button.

arrow blue right bubble Easily create and use templates in Outlook with Kutools for Outlook

After installing Kutools for Outlook, the Auto Text utility will help you quickly save your email content as auto text entry (quick parts), and use it as template in the future.

Create a new message with clicking New E-mail button under Home tab. In the new message window, you can see the Auto Text pane locates on the right side of the Outlook window.

1. Type the email content you want to save as template for future use. Select the content and then click the button. See screenshot:

2. In the Auto Text dialog box, type a name for this auto text, give it a description if you want, and then click the OK button.

3. Now the auto text entry is created and listed in the Auto Text pane. Double click this entry, it will insert to the email body immediately.

If this utility is helpful, please download and try the free trial now!

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Permalink +2 Andy
between step 4 and 8 you assume that the file was moved from the \template folder to the \desktop. may wish to edit to show this.
2014-10-28 14:23 Reply Reply with quote Quote
Permalink +1 Andrew Hudson
Nice article, I have created a email template and signature thorough outlook, which are working fine. If the emails are try to opened through an email app ( on mobile device androind and iphone) all the formating is going worng format. after that hired emailchopper ( custom email template designe company, They have created awesome email template for me.
2015-08-12 10:47 Reply Reply with quote Quote

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