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Advanced search email and save custom search in Outlook

In Outlook, the job on searching emails with multiple criteria, such as searching by sender, body contents, subjects and so on in thousands of emails across multiple accounts will take place frequently. Here, the Advanced Search utility of Kutools for Outlook, supports searching emails based on multiple keywords, and supports to save the searching queries for you using next time. Demo

arrow blue right bubble Applying this utility by clicking Kutools > Advanced Search.
shot advanced search email 1

arrow blue right bubble Set multiple criteria

1. In the Email view, click Kutools > Advanced Search to display the Advanced Search pane.

2. In the Advanced Search pane, you can choose the search scope firstly, there are five options provided for you in the Search scope drop-down list.
shot advanced search email 2

3. Then you can specify your searching criteria in the Advanced Search Pane. Supposing here I want to find the emails that are from, and body contents contain comment, and the received date is between 1/1/2018 to 10/1/2019. Here, I will set the search queries as below:

1) Click More Criteria button to add the search queries one by one as you need.

2) Then specify search criteria as your need.

<1> In the From field, you can use the email addresses from your current message, use the email addresses from your address book, or you also can use the extract pen  shot advanced search email 4 to extract the address in the body of an email.
shot advanced search email 5

<2> In the Body field, you can type the text you want to search into the textbox, or also can use the extract pen  shot advanced search email 4 to extract the selected text in the email to the textbox.
shot advanced search email 6

<3> In the Received field, you can specify the date range as today, this month, last month, etc. If you want to specify dates between two dates, choose Custom from the drop-down list, then type the dates.
shot advanced search email 7

4. Click Search Now button. Then all the emails matching with these criteria will list in the List pane.
shot advanced search email 8

arrow blue right bubble Save the search queries

After you set the search queries, click Save current scenario button.
shot advanced search email 9

In the popping Kutools for Outlook dialog, type a name for this scenario, then click OK.
shot advanced search email 10

From now on, you can reuse the searching criteria by clicking Open save scenario button  to select one scenario as you need.
shot advanced search email 11


shot advanced search email 13: Current scenario save as icon, you can click this to save current search criteria to a new scenario.

shot advanced search email 14: Create new scenario icon, click it to create a new blank scenario.

shot advanced search email 15: More criteria icon, same as More criteria button, click it to display all criteria you can add to use.

shot advanced search email 16: Scenario Management icon, click it to open the Advanced Find-Scenario Management dialog, you can manage all scenarios you created, such as move order, rename and delete.
shot advanced search email 13

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shot kutools outlook kutools plus tab 1180x121
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This comment was minimized by the moderator on the site
Hi, I tried to do an advanced search for two date range. eg 1 Jan 2022 to 31 Mar 2022. The results yielded all entries which contained the numbers 2022 and 31. So I could have some entries which is in Aug 2022 just because the subject line contained the number 2022 or some entries in July just because the body text contained the number 31. Think you get my drift. In fact the native Outlook search using search string received:>= 01/01/2022 AND received:<= 31/03/2022 yield better results. Is there a way to overcome this problem with Kutools For Outlook. Btw, I bought Kutools For Excel and its superb. Cheers Darren
This comment was minimized by the moderator on the site
Hi, Darren, firstly thansk for your support and feedback on our products. I have tested your question, in my version, the emails which contain dates in subject or body won't be searched after setting the date range searching, my setting is like this
But I still ported this question to our technical department, if allowed, could you send an email to to show the searching setting and the searching result as picture for us to better realize the problem and solve it? Thank you.
This comment was minimized by the moderator on the site
Hi Support / Sunny,

I have emailed the screenshot (with redactions).
Re: Advanced search email and save custom search in Outlook

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