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How to check if a date is public holiday and count days except holidays in Excel?

Author: Kelly Last Modified: 2020-04-30

For example, you have a list of dates and want to check if any public holidays exist in the list, how could you get it done quickly? In this article I will show you the ways to calculate all dates of American public holidays within given years, and then check if a date is an American public holiday in Excel easily.

Part 1: Calculate public holidays with given year in Excel

Before checking if a date is a public holiday, you must list all holidays within given years in Excel. Therefore preparing a table as following screen shot shown will make your work easier.

doc check if public holiday 1

There are three kinds of American public holidays:

(1) The first kind is a public holiday on a fixed date, such as New Year Day is on Jan 1st. we can easily calculate the New Year Day with the formula =DATE(Given Year,1,1);

(2) The second kind is a public holiday on a fixed weekday, such as President Day. We can easily calculate the President day with the formula =DATE(Given Year,1,1)+14+CHOOSE(WEEKDAY(DATE(Given Year,1,1)),1,0,6,5,4,3,2);

(3) And the last kind is the Memorial Day, we can easily calculate the Memorial Day with the formula =DATE(Given Year,6,1)-WEEKDAY(DATE(Given Year,6,6)).

Here I list formulas to calculate all public holidays in the following table. Just enter the formulas into the proper cell and press Enter key one by one.

Holiday Cell Formulas
New Year Day C2 =DATE(C1,1,1)
Martin Luther King Jr. Day C3 =DATE(C1,1,1)+14+CHOOSE(WEEKDAY(DATE(C1,1,1)),1,0,6,5,4,3,2)
President Day C4 =DATE(C1,2,1)+14+CHOOSE(WEEKDAY(DATE(C1,2,1)),1,0,6,5,4,3,2)
Memorial Day C5 =DATE(C1,6,1)-WEEKDAY(DATE(C1,6,6))
Independence Day C6 =DATE(C1,7,4)
Labor Day C7 =DATE(C1,9,1)+CHOOSE(WEEKDAY(DATE(C1,9,1)),1,0,6,5,4,3,2)
Columbus Day C8 =DATE(C1,10,1)+7+CHOOSE(WEEKDAY(DATE(C1,10,1)),1,0,6,5,4,3,2)
Veterans Day C9 =DATE(C1,11,11)
Thanksgiving Day C10 =DATE(C1,11,1)+21+CHOOSE(WEEKDAY(DATE(C1,11,1)),4,3,2,1,0,6,5)
Christmas Day C11 =DATE(C1,12,25)

Note: In the formulas in above table, the C1 is the reference cell which locates the given year. In our example, it means Year 2015, and you can change it based on your needs.

With these formulas, you can easily calculate dates of the public holidays with given years. See screen shot below:

doc check if public holiday 2

Save a range as AutoText entry (remaining cell formats and formulas) for reusing in future

It must be very tedious to refer cells and apply formulas for calculating each holiday. Kutools for Excel provides a cute workaround of AutoText utility to to save the range as an AutoText entry, which can remain the cell formats and formulas in the range. And then you will reuse this range with just one click. Work becomes easy by only one clicking to insert this table and change the year in this table!

ad auto american holidays 1

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Part 2: Check if a date is public holiday in Excel

After listing all dates of public holidays of specific years, we can easily check if a date is public holiday or not with formulas in Excel. Supposing you have a date list as following screen shot shown, and I will introduce the ways to get it done easily.

Select a blank cell besides the date list, says Cell B18, enter the formula =IF(COUNTIF($C$2:$D$11,A18),"Holiday","No") into it, and then drag the Fill Handle to the range you need. See screenshot above:


(1) In the formula =IF(COUNTIF($C$2:$D$11,A18),"Holiday","No"), the $C$2:$D$11 is the range of public holidays in specific years, and A18 is the cell with date you want to check if it's a public holiday, and you can change them based on your needs. And this formula will return "Holiday" if the specific date is a public holiday, and return "No" if it's not.

(2) You can also apply this array formula =IF(OR($C$2:$D$11=A18),"Holiday","NO") to check if corresponding date is holiday or not.

Part 3: Count days between two days except weekends and holidays in Excel

In Part 1 we have listed all holidays in a given year, and now this method will guide you to count the number of days except all weekends and holidays in a date range.

Select a blank cell you will return the number of days, and enter the formula =NETWORKDAYS(E1,E2,B2:B10) into it, and press the Enter key.

Note: In above cells, E1 is the start date of specified date range, E2 is the end date, and B2:B10 is the holiday list we calculate in Part 1.

doc check if public holiday 6

Now you will get the number of days except weekends and holidays in the specified date range.

Copy formulas exactly/ statically without changing cell references in Excel

Kutools for Excel Exact Copy utility can help you easily copy multiple formulas exactly without changing cell references in Excel, preventing relative cell references updating automatically.

ad exact copy formulas 3

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Like the Observed Holiday, I need to also recognize additional days off outside of the Holiday or observed holidays. Example: If Christmas is on a Friday, I need to calculate the days before and after (until New Years) off.
This comment was minimized by the moderator on the site
How would you calculate 15 calendar days from a given date including weekends but excluding holidays using a list/table of holiday dates?
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How to make it show the actual name of the holiday instead of just "holiday"?
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Hi KC,
You can change the text “holiday” to INDEX($A$1:$A$11,MATCH(A18,$C$1:$C$11,0)) in the formula, and the whole formula will be changed to

Please note that the dates you will check should be placed in one column.
This comment was minimized by the moderator on the site
Thanks, I have worked out a system to determine whether a public holiday is a weekday, but this also gives an alternative. The problem is that if one does it per month, then there are gaps between days where public holidays occur during weekdays. An example as below taking part of December 2017. the figures to immediate right of dates (Col B) are the WEEKDAY values. If date falls on a Saturday or Sunday (value 6 or 7) then the C Column reflects a blank cell ("") if a weekday the Cell has a "1", if a Public Holiday during a weekday then a "0" 21/12/2017 4 1 22/12/2017 5 1 23/12/2017 6 24/12/2017 7 25/12/2017 1 0 26/12/2017 2 0 27/12/2017 3 1 28/12/2017 4 1 29/12/2017 5 1 30/12/2017 6 31/12/2017 7 I can then sort manually using the Filter approach to get the 1's in one continuous column of rows without the blanks or 0's. Copy and paste to a worksheet where I can import the data into the temperature charts. I am trying to get the filter section automated either via formula by deleting all the 0's and blank cells with the resultant shifting up of cells containing the 1's, or via VBA. The ultimate prize would be combining the steps in Column A and Column C into one formula. The end game is to populate a temperature chart with the workday name and in the next corresponding row the day of the required month Mon Tue Thu Fri 7 8 10 11 Using August as an example where the 9th is a public holiday that falls during a work day, resulting in the data relating to the Wed being removed and the rest of the column shifting up one (or more) places. Then transposed into the above cells. I hope I am explaining with sufficient clarity :-)
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How could I make this work for Federal Holiday? Meaning if the date of a holiday happens to fall on a weekend then the Federal holiday would either be Friday or Monday.
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I used the formulas above to calculate the actual day of the holiday and made a second column for Observed holiday. I made this formula to accomplish this: =IF((WEEKDAY(B15))=1,B15+1,IF((WEEKDAY(B15))=7,B15-1,B15)). The cell reference B15 is referring to the holiday which is in the actual holiday column, in this case New Years Day. When the actual holiday falls on a Saturday, the Observed holiday will be listed as Friday and for actual holidays falling on Sunday, the observed holiday will be listed as Monday. Hope this helps.
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This is an accurate function which will work for New Years Day that would fall on a weekend (years 2022 and 2023): =WORKDAY(DATE(CalendarYear,1,1),--(WEEKDAY(DATE(CalendarYear,1,1),2)>5))
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trying to make a formula for subtracting CALENDAR DAYS and holidays. I have been able to figure out for WORKDAYS and HOLIDAY, but I cannot figure out how to do CALENDAR days and holidays. here is what I am currently using for WORKDAYS AND HOLIDAYS. Help! So I need this to be CALENDAR days instead of WORKDAYS.] =WORKDAY(B28-5,1,HOLIDAYS)
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