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Excel FALSE function

In Excel, the FALSE function is a build-in function, it is categorized as logical function. It returns the value FALSE. It is as the same as to entering the Boolean value FALSE directly in a formula.

doc false function 1


The syntax for the FALSE function in Excel is:



  • 1. There are no parameters or arguments in the FALSE function.
  • 2. It can be applied at Excel 2000 and later version.
  • 3. For calculation purpose, TRUE is a number 1 and False is a number 0, they can be used for calculation, such as:


Returns the logical value FASLE.


The FALSE function in Excel is a compatibility function, it always be used with other logical functions such as IF, IFERROR, etc.

Supposing, you want to check if the numbers in column A is greater than 100, if the number greater than 100, Yes returns, if not, FALSE returns.

Please apply the below formula, you will get the result as screenshot shown:

=IF(A2>100, "Yes", FALSE())

doc false function 2

Tip: In the above formula, you can enter FALSE directly to instead the FALSE(), like this:

=IF(A2>100, "Yes", FALSE)

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