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Excel HLOOKUP function

doc hlookup function 1


Syntax and Arguments

Usage and Examples


The HLOOKUP function looks up a value in top row of a table or an array from left to right horizontally, then returns a value in the same column from the specified row. The HLOOKUP function can return approximate or exact matching, and use wildcards * or ? for finding partial matches.

Syntax and Arguments

Formula syntax

=HLOOKUP (value, table, row_index, [range_lookup])


  • Value: Required, the look up value.
  • Table: Required, the table or array you retrieve values from.
  • Row_index: Required, the number of row that the matching value is in.
  • Range_lookup: Optional. 1 means true, which return matching approximately; and 2 means false, which return matching exactly. Omitted is true.


1) When range_lookup is true, it returns the largest value which is less than look_value while there is no exact matching.

2) When range_lookup is true, the values in the top row of table_array must be placed in ascending order such as 1000,2000,3000…, or it returns #N/A error value.

3) If look_up value is smaller than the smallest value in top row of table_array, it returns #N/A error value.

Return Value

The HLOOKUP function returns a value in the same column from a row that you specify in the table or an array.

Usage and Examples

Example 1 – lookup in a table or a range

If Range_lookup is true:





doc hlookup function 2

It returns values matching approximately.
doc hlookup function 3

If Range_lookup is false:




It returns values exact matched or error values if there is no value exactly matched.
doc hlookup function 4

Example 2 – lookup in an array




“c”: look_up value, non-numeric value needed to be enclosed with quotation marks.

{"a","b","c";12,13,14;"Nancy","Kate","Tom"}: array table you will lookup and retrieve values from, comma used as column separator, semicolon used as row separator.

3: row_index, the third row in the array table.

Return: Tom
doc hlookup function 5

Sample File
doc sample file

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