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Excel HSTACK function

The HSTACK function combines multiple ranges or arrays horizontally into one large array, and each subsequent array will be added to the right of the preceding array.

Note: This function is only available in Excel for Microsoft 365 on the Insider channel.

HSTACK function VS. VSTACK function

The HSTACK function can be used to combine ranges horizontally, while the VSTACK function can be used to combine ranges vertically.


=HSTACK(array1, [array2],...)


Array1 (required): The first range or array to append.
Array2,... (optional): The second and more ranges or arrays to append.


1) The HSTACK function returns a single array that has the following dimensions:
The number of columns: It has as many columns as the sum of all the columns of the source arrays;
The number of rows: Equals to the maximum of the row count from each of the array arguments.
2) The resulting array automatically spills into as many cells as needed after entering the formula and pressing the Enter key;
3) The #N/A error value occurs if the given arrays have different rows. If you want to replace the #N/A error with the value you need, please embed the HSTACK function inside the IFERROR function. Such as:


Return value

It returns an array.


As shown in the screenshot below, there are two ranges that need to be appended to a single range. You can apply the HSTACK function as follows to get it done.

Select a blank cell, such as C14 in this case, enter the following formula and press the Enter key to get the combined array.


Notes: If the ranges have different rows, #N/A error values will occur in the result array as shown in the screenshot below.

If you want to keep the cell blank when there is no value, you can apply the formula below to get it done.


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