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Excel INTERCEPT Function

The INTERCEPT function calculates the point at which a linear regression line will intersect the y-axis by using the given x-values and y-values.

intercept function 1


=INTERCEPT(known_ys, known_xs)


  • known_ys (required): An array or cell reference to dependent variables (y-values).
  • known_xs (required): An array or cell reference to independent variables (x-values).

Return Value

The INTERCEPT function returns a numeric value.

Function Notes

  • Arguments can be numbers, arrays, or references that contain numbers.
  • INTERCEPT ignores blank cells, text and logical values in a reference argument.
  • INTERCEPT ignores text and logical values in an array argument. However, if the two array arguments have different numbers of data points, the #N/A error value will be returned.
  • If there are any error values in any of the arguments, INTERCEPT will return the first error value.
  • The #DIV/0! error occurs if:
    • The variance of the supplied known_xs equals to zero;
    • Either of the supplied known_xs or known_ys arguments is empty.


Supposing you have a table with x- and y-values as shown below, to get the y-axis intercept value, please copy or enter the formula below in a blank cell, and press Enter to get the result:


Or, use cell references to make the formula dynamic:


intercept function 2

Related functions

Excel LINEST Function

The Excel LINEST function returns the statistic for a best fit straight line based on the supplied set of x value and y value by using the “least squares” method. The function returns an array of constant values.

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