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Excel NOT function

In Excel, the NOT function helps users to check if one value is not equal to another. It returns the opposite of a given logical or boolean value. If we give TRUE, it will return FALSE and when given FALSE, it will return TRUE. So, it will return a reverse logical value.

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The syntax for the NOT function in Excel is:

= NOT(logical)


  • Logical: A value or logical expression that can be evaluated as TRUE or FALSE.


Returns a reversed logical value.


Example 1: Use NOT function to exclude some specific values

For example, there is a list of fruits, you may want to exclude Banana that you don’t like. So, the NOT function can do you a favor, and then you will find all Banana cells returned FALSE, otherwise, TURE is returned.


doc not function 2


1. If you want to test several conditions in a single formula, you can use NOT with the AND or OR function. For example, if you want to exclude Banana and Apple, the formula would like this:

=NOT(OR(B2="Banana", B2="Apple"))

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2. And if want to exclude the Bananas which are from South, you should use NOT in combination with the Excel AND function:

=NOT(AND(B2="Banana", C2="South"))

doc not function 4

Example 2: Use NOT function to deal with blank cells

It is another common usage of the NOT function, you can combine NOT and ISBLANK functions to deal with some blank cells when applying a formula.

For example, I have a report with employee’s sales, and some person overfulfill the task. If they have extra sales, they will get some bonus, which equals extra sales *10%. If their extra sales are blanks, no bonus.

You can use this formula which combines the NOT and ISBLANK functions together, and then you will get the following result:

=IF(NOT(ISBLANK(D2)), D2*10%, "Have No bonus")

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