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Excel SLOPE Function

The SLOPE function returns the slope of a regression line based on the supplied y values and x values. The slope is the ratio of rise and run, which means the vertical distance divided by the horizontal distance between any two points on the line.

slope function 1


=SLOPE (known_y's, known_x's)


  • Known_y's (required): An array or range of numeric y values.
  • Known_x's (required): An array or range of numeric x values.

Return value

The SLOPE function returns a numeric value.

Function notes

  1. Arguments in the SLOPE function can be supplied as range names, arrays or ranges that contain numbers.
  2. SLOPE function ignores empty cells or cells that contain text or logical values.
  3. Cells with zero values will be included in the calculation.
  4. The #DIV/0! error value occurs when either of the following conditions is met:
    • only one y value and one x value are supplied.
    • the supplied know_y’s or know_x’s arrays is empty.
  5. The #N/A error value occurs if the numbers of the supplied y values and x values are different.
  6. The equation of the SLOPE function is:

    slope function 2


To calculate the slope of a regression line based on the supplied y values and x values provided in the below table, please copy the formula below into cell B13, then press the Enter key to get the result.

=SLOPE(C5:C9, B5:B9)

slope function 3


  1. The arguments in the above formula are supplied as two ranges that contain multiple values.
  2. The arguments can also be supplied as constant arrays. An array constant is a hard-coded set of values in an Excel formula, appearing in curly braces {}. The above formula can be changed to:

    =SLOPE({1,3,5,7,9}, {0,1,2,3,4})

    slope function 4

Relative Functions:

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    The EVEN function rounds numbers away from zero to the nearest even integer.

  • Excel EXP Function
    The EXP function returns the result of the constant e raised to the nth power.

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