How to click to enlarge or expand image in Word document?

This article is talking about how to enlarge or expand images in a Word document by a mouse click.

Click to enlarge or expand image with VBA code

Resize images with Kutools for Word

Click to enlarge or expand image with VBA code

The following VBA code can help to enlarge images in a Word document with a click. Please do as follows.

1. In the document contains images you will enlarge by a click, press the Alt + F11 keys to open the Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications window.

2. In the Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications window, click Insert > Class Module. Then copy below VBA code into the Class window.

VBA code 1: Click to enlarge images

Public WithEvents GApp As Word.Application
'Updated by ExtendOffice 20181129
Private Sub GApp_WindowSelectionChange(ByVal Sel As Selection)
    Dim xShape As InlineShape
    On Error Resume Next
    Set xShape = Sel.InlineShapes(1)
    xShape.Height = 200
    xShape.Width = 200
End Sub

Note: In the code, number 200 is the specified height and width of the enlarged images. You can change the height and width as you need.

3. Click Insert > Module, copy below code into the Module window.

VBA code 2: Click to enlarge images

Dim cls As New Class1
'Updated by ExtendOffice 20181129
Sub register_Event_Handler()
    Set cls.GApp = Word.Application
End Sub

4. Press the F5 key to run the code and close the Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications window.

Now, when clicking an image in this file, the image will be enlarged to the specific size as you desired.

Resize images with Kutools for Word

The Resize images utility of Kutools for Word can help you to resize all images by a specified percentage or selected image. Please have a try.

Kutools for Word : With more than 100 handy Word add-ins, free to try with no limitation in 30 days.

Click Kutools Plus > Resize, select a percentage from the drop down list. See screenshot:

Then all images in current document are resized based on this specific percentage.

For resizing all images based on the selected picture’s size, you need to select the image first and then click Kutools Plus > Resize > Resize Images with Selection. See screenshot:

Then all images in current document are resized based on selected one.

If you want to have a free trial of this utility, please go to free download the software first, and then go to apply the operation according above steps.

Office Tab - Tabbed Browsing, Editing, and Managing of multiple Documents in Word:

Office Tab brings the tabbed interface as seen in web browsers such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer new versions and Firefox to Microsoft Word. It will be a time-saving tool and irreplaceble in your work. See below demo:

Click for free trial of Office Tab!

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    Ricardo · 5 months ago
    Hi Thanks for the tip. I'm following the instructions on how to enlarge by using Macro, however I'm getting a error message "The type that was defined by user was ot defined" Any idea?