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Integrate ChatGPT Into Microsoft Word – Step by step guide

Author: Xiaoyang Last Modified: 2024-04-12

ChatGPT, with its advanced text generation capabilities, can revolutionize the way you interact with Microsoft Word, enhancing both your work efficiency and learning experience. This article offers a detailed step-by-step guide to integrate ChatGPT with Microsoft Word. Additionally, it provides illustrative examples of how to utilize ChatGPT within Word, demonstrating the practical benefits of this powerful combination.

Why Using ChatGPT for Word?

Integrate ChatGPT into Word with VBA code

Some example uses of ChatGPT in Microsoft Word

Integrate ChatGPT into Word with Kutools AI Assistant

Tips for better use ChatGPT in Word

Some FAQs you may concern

 Why Using ChatGPT for Word? 

ChatGPT, with its advanced language understanding capabilities, can transform the way you interact with Microsoft Word. It can automate tedious tasks, offer creative content suggestions, and even assist in language translation, making your work in Word more efficient and innovative.

Some benefits of using ChatGPT for Word are:

  • Efficient and effortless writing: ChatGPT streamlines the writing process, effortlessly generating text suited for various purposes. It proves particularly beneficial for swiftly creating emails, reports, and diverse business communications and more.
  • Fix grammar and spelling: Instead of manually checking each sentence, you can rely on ChatGPT to scan the entire document in a fraction of the time, ensuring that your text complies with standard grammar rules and spelling conventions.
  • Tone and style adjustments: Depending on your audience and purpose, ChatGPT can offer advice on adjusting the tone and style of your writing, whether it needs to be more formal, persuasive, descriptive, or casual.

 Integrate ChatGPT into Word with VBA code 

In this section, we explore how to integrate ChatGPT into Microsoft Word using VBA code. This integration promises to revolutionize document creation and editing, combining ChatGPT's AI capabilities with Word's functionality.

Step 1: Add the VBA code into Word document

  1. Open a new blank Word file, and then press the ALT + F11 keys to open the Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications window.
  2. Then, click Insert > Module, copy and paste below code into the opened blank module:
    VBA code: Integrate ChatGPT into Word
    Sub ChatGPT()
     'Updateby Extendoffice
        Dim status_code As Integer
        Dim response As String
        OPENAI = ""
        api_key = "sk-***************************** "
        If api_key = "" Then
            MsgBox "Please enter the API key."
            Exit Sub
        ElseIf Selection.Type <> wdSelectionNormal Then
            MsgBox "Please select text."
            Exit Sub
        End If
        SendTxt = Replace(Replace(Replace(Replace(Selection.text, vbCrLf, ""), vbCr, ""), vbLf, ""), Chr(34), Chr(39))
        SendTxt = "{""model"": ""gpt-3.5-turbo"", ""messages"": [{""role"":""system"", ""content"":""You are a Word assistant""} ,{""role"":""user"", ""content"":""" & SendTxt & """}]}"
        Set Http = CreateObject("MSXML2.XMLHTTP")
        With Http
            .Open "POST", OPENAI, False
            .setRequestHeader "Content-Type", "application/json"
            .setRequestHeader "Authorization", "Bearer " & api_key
            .send SendTxt
          status_code = .Status
          response = .responseText
        End With
        If status_code = 200 Then
            Set regex = CreateObject("VBScript.RegExp")
            With regex
                .Global = True
                .MultiLine = True
                .IgnoreCase = False
                .Pattern = """content"": ""(.*)"""
            End With
            Set matches = regex.Execute(response)
            If matches.Count > 0 Then
                response = matches(0).SubMatches(0)
                response = Replace(Replace(response, "\n", vbCrLf), "\""", Chr(34))
                Selection.Range.InsertAfter vbNewLine & response
            End If
            Debug.Print response
        End If
        Set Http = Nothing
    End Sub
    • In the above code, you should replace the API key “sk-*****************************” with your own key.
    • If you want to use ChatGPT-4, you can replace gpt-3.5-turbo with gpt-4 on the line 15 of the code.

Step 2: Execute the VBA code

After pasting the code into the Module, please do with the following operations to run this code:

  1. Type the problem you want to ask ChatGPT, here, I will type “How to insert image into Word?” into the Word, see screenshot:
  2. Then, select the text, and click the Run button in the VBA Window,  the output result will be generated and inserted below your selected text in a few seconds. See the demo below:

(Optional) Add the ChatGPT button into the Word ribbon

If you frequently use this VBA code, it's advisable to add it to the ribbon in your Word document. Doing so not only saves time but also provides easy access to this feature whenever needed, thereby enhancing your workflow efficiency.

  1. Right click anywhere of the ribbon, and then choose Customize the Ribbon, see screenshot:
  2. In the Word Options dialog box, click New Tab to insert a new tab after all tabs, and then click Rename button, see screenshot:
  3. In the following dialog box, enter a new for this new tab, and click OK. See screenshot:
  4. Still in the Word Options dialog box, select Macros from the Choose Commands from dropdown list, see screenshot:
  5. And then, click to select the code name you have inserted into the Word in Step 1, then, click Add button to add this code to the New Group, see screenshot:
  6. And then, click Rename button to give a new name to this code, then, click OK, see screenshot:
  7. At last, click OK to close the Word Options dialog box. Now, the VBA button has been added into the Word ribbon, see screenshot:
Important Notes:
  • After running the code, if you receive the error message below, it means that your API key has expired or there is an issue with billing. To resolve this issue, it's necessary to upgrade to a paid account where charges are incurred according to your API usage.
  • How to get the API key or subscribe to a paid plan for using the API? Please view this How to get an OpenAI API key tutorial.
  • To save this code, you should save this Word document as Word Macro-Enabled Document format. For future use, simply click Enable Content below the ribbon to activate the code.

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Some example uses of ChatGPT in Microsoft Word

This section will talk about some useful examples for using the ChatGPT in Word. Whether it's for translation, editing, summarization, posing questions, or data extraction from texts, ChatGPT in Word empowers you to harness AI technology to elevate your writing experience.

Content Generation

If you want to draft an article, a report, or any creative piece, ChatGPT can assist in brainstorming ideas, providing outlines, or even composing entire sections of your document.

For Example, I want ChatGPT to write an article about some tips for a healthier diet.

  1. In the Word document, type the following text and select it:
    "Please write an article about some tips for a healthier diet:"
  2. And then, click the Run button in the VBA Window, or click the Text Generator button in the ribbon, an article will be generated after a few seconds as following demo shown:
  • With ChatGPT integrated into Word, you can generate various types of content as needed, including email composition, resume building, article writing on predefined topics, and more.
  • To ensure that ChatGPT generates content that precisely meets your requirements, it's crucial to articulate your needs clearly and in detail. Providing specific instructions allows ChatGPT to tailor its responses more effectively to your particular request.

Translating text

Using ChatGPT integrated with Word, you can not only enjoy its various writing aids but also experience swift and efficient text translation.

  1. Copy and paste the text you wish to translate into the Word document, then type the following specified command before your text:
    "Please translate the following text into French:"
  2. Then, select the specified command text and your text, click the Run button in the VBA Window, or click the Text Generator button in the ribbon. In a shot time, your selected text will be translated into the language you specified. See the demo below:
  • You can translate the text into your desired language as needed, simply replace “French” in the command text with your preferred language.

Summarizing documents

Dealing with lengthy documents can be overwhelming. ChatGPT integrated with Word can efficiently summarize these documents, highlighting key points and essential information.

  1. Copy and paste the content into the Word document, then type the following specified command before your text:
    "Summarize the text below:"
  2. Then, select the specified command text and your text, click the Run button in the VBA Window, or click the Text Generator button in the ribbon. The essential meaning of the content you select will be summarized, giving you a concise overview of its main ideas as following demo shown:

Editing and improving text

One of the most significant uses of ChatGPT in Word is editing and improving the text. From basic grammar and spelling checks to more complex sentence rephrasing and tone adjustments, ChatGPT can refine your writing, making it clearer, engaging, and error-free.

For example. I want to rewrite the content in a relaxed style.

  1. Copy and paste the text you want to rewrite into the Word document, then type the following specified command before your text:
    "Rewrite the following text in a relaxed, easy-going style:"
  2. Then, select the specified command text and your text, click the Run button in the VBA Window, or click the Text Generator button in the ribbon.The selected content will be rewritten in a relaxed style, as shown in the demo below:

Integrate ChatGPT into Word with Kutools AI Assistant

Unlock the power of AI in Microsoft Word with Kutools AI Assistant, now featuring ChatGPT integration! Transform your writing experience with the ability to rewrite content in multiple styles, generate tailored content effortlessly, and summarize lengthy documents in an instant. With Kutools AI Assistant, enhance your productivity and unleash creativity, making every word count. Streamline your workflow, save time, and achieve unparalleled writing excellence. Upgrade to the future of document editing with ChatGPT and Kutools AI Assistant today!

Note: To use this Kutools AI Assistant of Kutools for Word, please download and install Kutools for Word first.

After installing Kutools for Word, please click Kutools AI > AI Assistant to open the Kutools AI Assistant pane.

Rewriting the content with various styles

Elevate your writing in Word with the rewriting capabilities of Kutools AI Assistant! Whether you're aiming for a formal tone, craving creative flair, or needing succinct clarity, this tool seamlessly adapts your text to fit the occasion. With just a few clicks, transform your documents into masterpieces of style and substance.

In the Kutools AI Assistant pane, please follow the steps below:

  1. Select the content that you want to rewrite;
  2. Under the Rewrite tab, choose one writing style you need from the Writing Style drop down list;
  3. Then, click the Send button to start rewriting. The selected content will be rewritten in a desired style you specify in the Generate box.
  • After getting the new content, you can click the Copy button copy the content to anywhere, or click Insert button to replace the selected original text.

Generating tailored content

Transform your document creation process with Kutools AI Assistant's tailored content generation feature. Whether crafting a detailed report, composing compelling emails, or developing engaging presentations, Kutools AI Assistant molds your ideas into polished, ready-to-use text. Let Kutools AI Assistant be your partner in writing success, tailoring content that resonates and impresses.

In the Kutools AI Assistant pane, please follow the steps below:

  1. Under the Compose tab, select or enter a prompt text into the prompt type box;
  2. Click the Generate prompt example button to generate the prompt text;(you can modify the key information to your need)
  3. And then, click Send button to start generating the content;
  4. After generating the content, you can click Copy to copy it to anywhere or click Insert to insert it at the current cursor position within the document.

Summarizing entire document or selection

Effortlessly condense lengthy documents into concise summaries with Kutools AI Assistant. Ideal for quick overviews or extracting key points, this tool simplifies complex information into digestible snippets, saving you time and enhancing comprehension. Whether for academic research, business reports, or daily reading, Kutools AI Assistant empowers you to grasp the essence of extensive texts with just a click.

In the Kutools AI Assistant pane, please follow the steps below:

  1. Click the Summarize tab in the Kutools AI Assistant pane;
  2. Select the summarize type, and click the Send button. Then, a summary of the selection or current document will be generated.
    • Summarize Selected Content: First, select the content you wish to summarize, then click the Send button located beside this option.
    • Summarize the Entire Document: To summarize the entire document, simply click the Send button next to this option.

Tips for better use ChatGPT in Word

Using ChatGPT effectively in Microsoft Word largely hinges on crafting the right prompts. Here’s a guide to help you harness the full potential of ChatGPT in Word by using appropriate prompts:

  • Be Specific and Clear:
    Clearly state what you need. For instance, instead of saying "write something about climate change," specify "write a brief overview of the impact of climate change on Arctic wildlife."
  • Use Step-by-Step Instructions:
    Break Down Tasks: For complex tasks, break them down into smaller steps. For example, "First, summarize the following paragraph, then list three key points, and finally, suggest a concluding sentence."
  • Tailor the Tone and Style:
    Specify Tone and Style: If you need a piece in a specific tone (formal, casual, persuasive, etc.), mention it in the prompt. For example, "Draft a professional email to a client discussing project timelines."
  • Explore Different Content Types:
    Diverse Applications: Use ChatGPT for various tasks like brainstorming session ideas, generating creative writing prompts, or even composing poems or stories.

In conclusion, mastering the art of crafting the right prompts is essential for optimizing your use of ChatGPT in Word. By being specific, clear, and iterative in your approach, you can effectively guide ChatGPT to produce the desired results, thereby enhancing your productivity and the quality of your work in Word.

Some FAQs you may concern

  • Is ChatGPT API Free? 
    The ChatGPT API is not free. It is priced reasonably and operates on a pay-as-you-use model. This means that your costs depend on your API usage. For more details on pricing, refer to OpenAI's pricing page.
  • Can I use ChatGPT in Word for Languages other than English?
    Yes, ChatGPT supports multiple languages, although its proficiency in non-English languages may vary.
  • Can ChatGPT Work Offline in Word?
    Typically, ChatGPT requires an online connection to access its AI processing capabilities.
  • Can ChatGPT Improve My Writing Style?
    Yes, ChatGPT can help improve your writing style by suggesting enhancements in grammar, vocabulary, and overall structure.
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