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How to save, list and insert Auto Text entries in word quickly?

Auto text can contain a few letters, words, sentences, or paragraphs you frequently use. If you do not want to waste a lot of time to retyping same contents, Auto text is a very good way to insert the contents which you need to use over and over again in document, and save you from typing the same contents over and over again. This tutorial will introduce you two methods to save, list and insert auto text entries in word document.

Save, list and insert Auto Text entries with Quick Parts

Save, list and insert Auto Text entries with Kutools for Word

arrow blue right bubble Save, list and insert Auto Text entries with Quick Parts

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Normally, we use the Quick Parts to save, list and insert Auto text entries. You can follow the steps blow

Step 1: select the part you want to save as Auto text entries.

Step 2: Click Insert tab > Quick Parts > Save Selection to AutoText Gallery. See screenshot:

Step 3: After clicking Save Selection to AutoText Gallery, Word will display a dialog named Create New Building Block. Manage your auto text, then click OK.

Step 4: Now, the selection part of the document was successfully saved as auto text entry. And it is listed in the AutoText list box of Quick Parts.

Step 5: When you want to insert the auto text entry you have saved in Word, you need to go to the AutoText of Quick Parts, then click on the saved auto text entry. The saved auto text entry will be inserted in the document.

This method is very tedious if you need to save several selections and need to insert a lot of Auto Text entries. You have to repeat clicking Insert > Quick Parts, and selecting the Auto Text from the drop down list for inserting the auto text into document.

arrow blue right bubble Save, list and insert Auto Text entries with Kutools for Word

After you have installed the Kutools for Word, you do not need to do the same operation again and again. Kutools for Word’s Auto Text Pane utility can help you easily and quickly save, list and insert Auto text entries.

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1. Please apply this utility by clicking Kutools > AutoText Pane. See screenshot:

2. Now the AutoText Pane is popping up.

Save selected text as auto text

Step 1. Select the text from the document which you want to save as auto text entry.

Step 2. Click the button in the AutoText Pane. It will display a dialog, now, manage your auto text, and finally click OK. See screenshot:

List all auto text entries in the AutoText Pane

You will see all auto text entries you have saved are listed in the AutoText Pane. See screenshot:

Insert auto text entries quickly in Word

Put your cursor on where you want to insert the auto text entry. And then do as follows.

1. Double-click on a certain auto text entry in the AutoText Pane, then it will be successfully inserted in Word.

2. Click  button to insert the autotext.

3. The AutoText entry can be inserted as formatted text or only text without formatting. Click button to insert the selected AutoText entry as formatted text. Click button to insert the selected AutoText entry as only text without formatting.


1. Right click on the AutoText entry, you can Delete, Rename or Insert the AutoText entry. See screenshot:

2. The button can resize the auto text entry;

3. The button can import or export auto texts entry;

For more detailed information about Auto Text Pane of Kutools for Word, please visit: Auto Text Pane feature description

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There is a short cut to save an Auto Text.(Alt F4 I thought) I have done it numerous times and now I am totally drawing a blank. I have found this way to be time consuming.Why does something this simple be so difficult?
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I've created an auto text entry but it isn't grabbing the footnote with it. It's a cover letter that we use a lot that has our letterhead on top with address info in the footer. I've tried several things but cannot get it to work.
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no more explain in answer. so please briefly for this answer.
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