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Excel SERIESSUM Function

The SERIESSUM function returns the sum of a power series, based on the following formula:
Where i is the number of entries of a.

seriessum function 1


=SERIESSUM(x, n, m, coefficients)


  • x (required): The input value to the power series.
  • n (required): The initial power to which x is raised in the power series.
  • m (required): The step by which n is increased for each term in the series.
  • coefficients (required): A set of coefficients ({a1,a2,…,ai}) that multiply each successive power of x.

Return Value

The SERIESSUM function returns a numeric value.

Function Notes

  • The number of values in coefficients determines the number of terms in the power series. For example, if there are four values in coefficients, then there will be four terms in the power series.
  • SERIESSUM returns the #VALUE! error value if any argument is non-numeric.


As shown in the table below, we have several power series expansions. To get their results with SERIESSUM, we should first figure out what x, n, m and coefficients are for each expansion according to the formula the SERIESSUM uses, and then add them to the SERIESSUM function in sequence as below formulas shown.

seriessum function 2

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