Excel TODAY Function

TODAY function is used for returning the current system date in Excel. This tutorial is talking about the formula syntax and usage of TODAY function in Excel.

Description of TODAY function

Syntax of TODAY function

Arguments of syntax

Examples of TODAY function

Description of TODAY function

The Microsoft Excel TODAY function returns the current date in Excel. It will be automatically updated each time when the worksheet is refreshed or the workbook is opened.

Syntax of TODAY function


Arguments of syntax

  • There are no arguments for the TODAY function

Examples of TODAY function

This section is talking about how to use the TODAY function in Excel.

Example 1: Return current date in Excel

If you want to return the current system date in a cell, please click on it, enter =TODAY() into the Formula Bar and press the Enter key.


1. You can add days to or subtract days from today’s date.

For example, =TODAY()+5 will add 5 days to today’s date. =TODAY()-5 will subtract 5 days from today’s date.

2. Add only working days to today’s date.

=WORKDAY(TODAY(),15) means that 15 working days will be added to today’s date.

3. You can get the current day of the month with this formula: =DAY(TODAY()).

4. You can also get the current month of the year with =MONTH(TODAY()).

Example 2: Calculate a person’s age

Supposing a person was born in 5/1/1989, you can calculate this person’s age as follows.

1. Firstly you need to get the current date by entering =TODAY() into the cell.

2. Then select the cell you will output the age, enter formula =INT((C5-C4)/365) into the Formula Bar and press the Enter key.

Or you can directly apply this formula =YEAR( TODAY())-1989 to get the age.

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