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How to add contacts to Auto-Complete list in Outlook?

The Auto-Complete function in Outlook helps you easily find recipients based on what you've entered when composing an email message. By default, after sending emails, the auto-complete list willl be filled with the contacts' email addresses. Actually, you can manually fill the auto-complete list with multiple contacts addresses at once in order to make the future work more efficient. In this article, we will show you a method to fill the Auto-Complete list with multiple email addresses at the same time in Outlook.

Add contacts to Auto-Complete list in Outlook

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arrow blue right bubbleAdd contacts to Auto-Complete list in Outlook

To add multiple contacts to the Auto-Complete list in Outlook, please do as follows: 1. Create an email message.

1. In the Message window, click the To button in the message header.

2. In the Select Names dialog box:

1). Select the contacts folder in the Address Book drop-down list;
2). If you want to add all contacts in the selected folder, please click the first contact, hold the Shift key and scroll down to select the last contact;
3). Click the To - > button;
4). Click the OK button.

3. Then all selected contacts are added to the To field in the Message window as while as the Auto-Complete list. Then close the Message window without saving.

4. From now on, when you type the first letter of the recipients’ email addresses into the To or Cc field, all the relative contacts you have selected above are showing in the Auto-Complete list immediately. See screenshot:


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Shangwu's comment is the one to follow here. To restore the auto complete function the simplest way is to switch Outlook to Offline mode, then open a new email form, click 'To' and add all the names you wish from your address book. Once done click send and it will be delivered to your Outbox. Delete the message from the Outbox and then return to Online Mode. Miraculously all your auto complete addresses will be back.
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ada solusi yang lebih permanen kah? kalo dengan menambah server email bagaimana caranya? apakah bisa menambahkan daftar kontak secara otomatis?
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Hi ari,
Sorry I can't help to solve this problem.
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this only works temporarily, when i try to restart the auto-complete doesn't work anymore
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By changing Outlook to offline and making the new message to be sent (moving the message to the outbox folder) can make the auto-complete cache persistent. Of course you need to delete the message in the outbox before resuming Outlook to online.
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This works temporarily, but upon Outlook restart, no longer works. I need a solution that persists across Outlook restarts. I'm using Outlook 2016.
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This did not work for me. Most of my contacts do auto-complete. There is a new employee with our company that I have to type the full address each time, so it's the only one that does not auto-complete despite numerous emails already sent to this person.
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you must send email for once to your recipient to save it.
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Murphy, you may be at the maximum limit of AutoComplete entries which is 1000.

To remove some rarely used ones, find an old or rarely used address by typing letters into the To field, then click the X at the end of their auto complete entry.

This should then make room to add your new employee
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