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Excel CONCATENATE function

The Excel CONCATENATE function is used to join two or more text items from multiple cells into one.


=CONCATENATE (text1,[text2],…)


Text1 (Required): The first text item to be joined.

Text2 (Optional): The additional text item to be joined.

The Text arguments can be:

  • A text value
  • A cell reference
  • A number

Return Value

Return the joined text.

Function Note

1. You can combine up to 255 text arguments at the same time.
2. The #NAME? Error occurs when including text in the function without double quotation marks.


This section provides CONCATENATE function examples to show you how to use it in Excel.

Example 1: Combine first name and last name

As the below screenshot shown, how to combine the first, middle and the last names into one cell? The CONCATENATE function will help to solve the problem.

1. Select a blank cell, copy the below formula into it and press the Enter key. And then drag the Fill Handle down to get all full names.

Notes: You can see there is no delimiter in the full name. If you want to combine the texts and separate them by certain delimiter, such as space, apply the below formula. You can change the " " to "," or other delimiter as you need.
=CONCATENATE(B3," ",C3," ",D3)

Example 2: Concatenate cells with line break (new line)

For most of times, you may need to concatenate cells with line breaks. This section will show the method to achieve it.

1. Select a blank cell, copy the below formula into it and press the Enter key, and then drag the Fill Handle down to get all joined texts.

Note: CHAR(10) represents the line break in Excel.

2. Keep selecting all result cells, go to the Home tab, and click the Wrap Text button. See screenshot:

Then the joined texts are separated by line breaks.

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