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Excel FIXED function

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The FIND function rounds a number to the specified number of decimals and returns the number as text representation, formats the number in a decimal format by using a period and commas. For example, =FIXED(2871.543,2,FALSE) rounds the number "2871.543" to two decimals and returns text string "2,871.54".

Syntax and arguments

Formula syntax



  • Number: Required, the number you want to round and convert to text.
  • Decimal_places: Optional, the number of digits to the right of decimal point. If the decimal_places is blank, it rounds the given number to whole number; if omitted, it rounds to 2 decimal places.
  • No_commas: Optional, a logical value to decide if adding commas in the result. If TURE, return result without commas, if FALSE or omitted or blank, returns results with commas.

Return Value

The FIXED function returns a number formatted as decimals and represented as text.


1. Generally, the digits of numbers in Excel cannot be more than 15, but the decimal can be as long as 127.

2. If the argument decimal_places is negative, the number is rounded to the left of the decimal point..

Usage and Examples

Example 1 If decimal_places is positive, negative or blank.

Number Decimal_places No-commas Result  Formula
12456.654 2 FALSE 12,456.65 =FIXED(B3,C3,D3)
12456.654 -2 FALSE 12,500 =FIXED(B4,C4,D4)
12456.654   FALSE 12,457 =FIXED(B5,C5,D5)

Example 2 If no_commas is FASLE, blank or TRUE or omitted

Number Decimal_places No-commas Result  Formula
3425.21 1 FALSE 3,425.2 =FIXED(B6,C6,D6)
3425.21 1   3,425.2 =FIXED(C7,D7,E7)
3425.21 1 TRUE 3425.2 =FIXED(C8,D8,E8)
3425.21 1 Omit 3,425.2 =FIXED(B9,C9)

Download sample


Relative Functions:

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    The CHAR function is used to convert a number to text in the currency formatting, with the decimals rounded to the given number of decimal places.

  • Excel FIND Function
    The FIND function is used to find a string within another string, and returns the starting position of the string inside another one.

  • Excel CODE Function
    The CODE function returns a numeric code of a character or the first character in a given text string cell.

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