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How to autocomplete when typing in Excel drop down list?

If you have a data validation drop down list with large values, you need to scroll down in the list just for finding the proper one, or type the whole word into the list box directly. If there is method for allowing to auto complete when typing the first letter in the drop down list, everything will become easier. In this tutorial, we will provide you with inserting Combo box in the worksheet and running VBA code together for achieving the autocomplete function in the drop down list.

Autocomplete when typing in drop down list with VBA code

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Autocomplete when typing in drop down list with VBA code

Firstly you need to insert a combo box into the worksheet and change its properties, and then running the VBA code to enable the autocomplete.

1. Get into the worksheet which contains the drop down list you want it to be autocompleted.

2. Before inserting the Combo box, you need to enable the Developer tab in the ribbon.

1). In Excel 2010 and 2013, click File > Options. And in the Options dialog box, click Customize Ribbon in the right pane, check the Developer box, then click the OK button. See screenshot:

2). In Outlook 2007, click Office button > Excel Options. In the Excel Options dialog box, click Popular in the right bar, then check the Show Developer tabin the Ribbon box, and finally click the OK button.

3. Then click Developer > Insert > Combo Box under ActiveX Controls. See screenshot:

4. Draw the combo box in current opened worksheet and right click it. Select Properties in the right-clicking menu.

5. In the Properties dialog box, you need to:

1). Change the name to TempCombo in the Name field;

2). Specify the font you need in the Font field;

3). Scroll down to select 1-fmMatchEntryComplete in the MatchEntry field;

4). Close the Properties dialog box.

6. Turn off the Design Mode with clicking Developer > Design Mode.

7. Right click on the current opened worksheet tab and click View Code. See screenshot:

8. Make sure that the current worksheet code editor is opened, and then copy and paste the below VBA code into it. See screenshot:

VBA code: Autocomplete when typing in drop down list

Private Sub Worksheet_SelectionChange(ByVal Target As Range)
'Update by Extendoffice: 2018/9/21
    Dim xCombox As OLEObject
    Dim xStr As String
    Dim xWs As Worksheet
    Dim xArr
    Set xWs = Application.ActiveSheet
    On Error Resume Next
    Set xCombox = xWs.OLEObjects("TempCombo")
    With xCombox
        .ListFillRange = ""
        .LinkedCell = ""
        .Visible = False
    End With
    If Target.Validation.Type = 3 Then
        Target.Validation.InCellDropdown = False
        Cancel = True
        xStr = Target.Validation.Formula1
        xStr = Right(xStr, Len(xStr) - 1)
        If xStr = "" Then Exit Sub
        With xCombox
            .Visible = True
            .Left = Target.Left
            .Top = Target.Top
            .Width = Target.Width + 5
            .Height = Target.Height + 5
            .ListFillRange = xStr
            If .ListFillRange = "" Then
                xArr = Split(xStr, ",")
                Me.TempCombo.List = xArr
            End If
            .LinkedCell = Target.Address
        End With
    End If
End Sub
Private Sub TempCombo_KeyDown(ByVal KeyCode As MSForms.ReturnInteger, ByVal Shift As Integer)
    Select Case KeyCode
        Case 9
            Application.ActiveCell.Offset(0, 1).Activate
        Case 13
            Application.ActiveCell.Offset(1, 0).Activate
    End Select
End Sub

9. Click File > Close and Return to Microsoft Excel to close the Microsoft Visual Basic for Application window.

10. Now, just click the cell with drop down list, you can see the drop-down list is displayed as a combo box, then type the first letter into the box, the corresponding word will be completed automatically. See screenshot:

Note: This VBA code is not applied to merged cells.

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  • To post as a guest, your comment is unpublished.
    Robert Lonergan, Jr. · 9 months ago
    I am using this script which works well with text but not with numerals. Here are some screenshots; 1 is the code, 2 is working by alpha, 3 is not working by Number. Ultimately I would like to be able to search by name or number (Col A or Col C). To work around the separate column issue, I copied the same date and transposed the data in those cells.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    • To post as a guest, your comment is unpublished.
      crystal · 9 months ago
      Dear Robert,
      What do you mean "is not working by number"? The code works well with text and numerals in my case. And I saw the case in your picture 3, the related whole number 40726 is automatically populated when you type 407 into the list box. Please let me know if I missed something in the case.
  • To post as a guest, your comment is unpublished.
    Brittany · 9 months ago
    Hello, Is there anyway to make the drop down menu only show results that match what you're typing? For example; I am using this to select items for an invoice template and I have a dew wines that start with 'Gaja'. As I type Gaja the top result shows in my list of 20 results but the other options are below it and I have to use the mouse to scroll down to those or type the name of the wine until it is the only option. I would like to type 'G' and then be only shown all items with G. Then type 'Ga' and only see items with GA and so on.
  • To post as a guest, your comment is unpublished.
    Pippa · 10 months ago
    I must be missing something but where do you specify what cell range actually compromises the dropdown list? I can do this using a combo box rather than activeX but can't get the autocomplete to work with a combo box.
    • To post as a guest, your comment is unpublished.
      Teddy · 9 months ago
      Pippa, i'm with you. I've followed the instructions but it does not work. Ive added the ListFIllRange & LinkedCell but it doesnt work so there is definitly something missing from these instructions
    • To post as a guest, your comment is unpublished.
      Robert Lonergan, Jr. · 9 months ago
    • To post as a guest, your comment is unpublished.
      crystal · 9 months ago
      Dear Pippa,
      Sorry can't get your point.
  • To post as a guest, your comment is unpublished.
    Karan · 10 months ago

    My drop-down list has an custom format of mmm-yy. When I use the combo drop down it turns my entries i.e Jan-17 into number values . Applying a format doesn't fix that.
    • To post as a guest, your comment is unpublished.
      crystal · 9 months ago
      Dear Karan,
      I tried exactly as you mentioned above, but it works well in my case. The combo box still keeps the date format.
      Which Office version do you use?
  • To post as a guest, your comment is unpublished.
    zikxxx · 10 months ago
    Is there any way to fill the list from a row ? When i try, only first entry is shown.