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How to search emails by recipients’ names in Outlook?

Author: Kelly Last Modified: 2019-08-05

When sending an email to a recipient in Outlook, you can put the recipient in any of the To/Cc/Bcc filed. Therefore, it will be a little confused to search emails by a certain recipient no matter it is in the To, Cc, or Bcc filed. Actually, there are two solutions to help you.

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arrow blue right bubble Search emails by a recipient’s name with the Instant Search feature

You can type the search criteria in the Instant Search box to search emails by a certain recipient’ name quickly in Outlook. Please do as follows:

1. In the Mail view, type the search criteria to:"Recipient Name" into the Instant Search box, and then replace the Recipient Name with the certain recipient’ name.

(1) The search criteria to:"Recipient Name" will search emails with the specified recipient in the To filed.
(2) If you ensure the specified recipient in the Cc filed, please use this search criteria cc:"Recipient Name"; if ensure in the Bcc filed, please use this search criteria bcc:"Recipient Name".
(3) If you cannot make sure whether the recipient is in the To, Cc, or Bcc filed, please use this search criteria to:"Recipient Name" OR cc:"Recipient Name" OR bcc:"Recipient Name".

2. Specify the search scope in the Scope group on the Search tab. See screenshot:

And now all emails with the specified recipients are found out and listed in the mail list.

arrow blue right bubble Search emails by recipients’ names with the Advanced Find feature

If you need to search emails by two or more recipients, you can enable the Query Builder tab in the Advanced Find dialog box, and then specify the search criteria as you need.

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1. Enable the Query Builder tab in the Advanced Find dialog box with Kutools for Outlook: (1) Click Kutools > Options; (2) In the Options dialog box, check the Restore “Query Builder” tab in Outlook Advanced Find Dialog option on the Others tab, and click the OK button. See screenshot:

2. In the Mail view, click to open the mail folder you will search emails, and press the Ctrl + Shift + F keys simultaneously to open the Advanced Find dialog box.

Now the Advanced Find dialog box opens, go to the Query Builder tab, and:

(1) Click Filed > Address fields > Bcc;
(2) Select Contains from the Condition drop down list;
(3) Type the specified recipient’ name into the Value box;
(4) Click the Add to List button.
(5) Repeat above (1) – (4) to add other search criteria.

4. Now all search criteria has been added to the criteria list box. Click OR or And in the list box, select the proper logical group from the Logical Group drop down list, and then click the Find Now button. See screenshot:

Note: In my example as above screenshot shown, it will search emails directly sent to both kelly and ttw,  emails cc to both kelly and ttw, or emails bcc to kelly.

And now all emails with the certain recipients in the specified To, Cc, or Bcc fields are found out and listed at the bottom of Advanced Find dialog box.

5. Close the Advanced Find dialog box.

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Demo: Search emails by recipients’ names with the Advanced Find feature

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