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Split and Extract Pages from Your Word Documents (4 Ways)

Author: Sun Last Modified: 2024-05-10

Managing a long Word document can sometimes require you to extract specific pages for separate review or distribution. Whether you need just one page, a range of pages, or to split the entire document based on specific criteria, Microsoft Word offers several ways to achieve this. Let's dive into four effective methods for splitting and extracting pages from your Word documents.

Extracting specific pages / current page from Word

Split the whole Word documents to separate files based on Pages, Headings, Breaks

Video: Extract Pages in Word


Extracting specific pages / current page from Word


This guide provides a detailed overview of three efficient techniques to extract either specific pages or the current page from your document.

Extracting pages by Copy and Paste feature – manually

The simplest way to extract specific pages or content from a Word document is by using the copy and paste function.

Step 1: Select the contents you want to extract

Place the cursor at the front of the contents you want to copy, then scroll down to the end of the contents, and hold Shift key, click at the end of the contents.

Step 2: Copy the selected contents

Right-click on the selected contents and choose Copy, or simply press Ctrl + C

Step 3: Paste into a new document

Open a new Word document and paste the content using Ctrl + V.

Step 4: Save the new document

Save your newly created document by clicking File > Save As.

Extracting pages by Print to PDF feature - save extracted pages to PDF

Another way to extract pages is by printing them to a PDF. This method is handy when you need to share or save the extracted pages in a widely accepted format.

Step 1: Navigate to the Print Menu

With the document open, go to File > Print.

Step 2: Select Microsoft Print to PDF

In the Printer dropdown, choose Microsoft Print to PDF.

Step 3: Specify Page Range

In the settings, select the printing range you want:

  • Print All Pages: Print all pages of the document.

  • Print Selection: Print the selection, if you do not select any range, this option cannot be used.

  • Print Current Page: Print current page.

  • Custom Print: Print custom page ranges as you need. When you choose this option, the Page textbox is shown for you to type the page number for printing.

Step 4: Print

Click Print, and choose a location to save your PDF. The specified pages will be saved as a new PDF document.

Extracting pages by VBA code - save extracted pages to a specific folder

For users comfortable with VBA, using a script can automate the extraction process, especially useful for large documents.

Note: The code below only can extract a continuous ranges of pages at one time.
Step 1: Press Alt + F11 keys to open the VBA Editor
Step 2: Insert a new Module

Click Insert tab in the opened Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications window, then choose Module.

Step 3: Insert the code

Copy the code below and paste it into the Module.

Code: Extracting a range of pages to a new file in a folder

Sub SaveSpecifiedPagesAsNewDoc()
    Dim objNewDoc As Document
    Dim objDoc As Document
    Dim strFolder As String
    Dim strFileName As String
    Dim startPage As Long
    Dim endPage As Long
    Dim startRange As Range
    Dim endRange As Range
    ' Initialize
    Set objDoc = ActiveDocument
    ' Specify the folder path and file name here
    strFolder = "C:\Users\AddinsVM001\Desktop\pdf\extract pages" ' Example path
    strFileName = "ExtractedPages" ' Example file name
    ' Specify start and end pages here
    startPage = 3
    endPage = 4
    ' Find the range of the specified pages
    With objDoc
        ' Go to the start of the start page
        .GoTo(What:=wdGoToPage, Which:=wdGoToAbsolute, Count:=startPage).Select
        Set startRange = Selection.Range
        ' Go to the start of the page after the end page, to get the complete end page
        .GoTo(What:=wdGoToPage, Which:=wdGoToAbsolute, Count:=endPage + 1).Select
        Selection.MoveLeft Unit:=wdCharacter, Count:=1
        Set endRange = Selection.Range
        ' Define the range from start to end page
        Set startRange = .Range(Start:=startRange.Start, End:=endRange.End)
    End With
    ' Copy the defined range
    ' Open a new document to paste the selection
    Set objNewDoc = Documents.Add
    ' Save the new document
    objNewDoc.SaveAs2 FileName:=strFolder & "\" & strFileName & ".docx"
    objNewDoc.Close False
    ' Clean up
    Set objNewDoc = Nothing
    Set objDoc = Nothing
    Set startRange = Nothing
    Set endRange = Nothing
    MsgBox "Pages " & startPage & " to " & endPage & " have been extracted to " & strFileName & ".docx"
End Sub

Note: This script allows you to directly set the range of pages to extract, the file name, and the save path within the code. Please modify the values of strFolder, strFileName, startPage, and endPage according to your actual needs. When you run this macro, it will automatically extract the specified range of pages and save them to a new Word document, all without any user interaction.
Step 4: Click run button or press F5 key to run the code

After running the code, a dialog pops out for telling you the pages have been extracted, click OK to close it.

Step 5: Go to the folder to check if the pages are extracted correctly

Split the whole Word documents to separate files based on Pages, Headings, Breaks

If you want to extract pages to separate files by Headings 1, Page Breaks, Section Breaks or Specific Pages, the Split Document feature of Kutools for Word will be a good helper.

Before using the Split Document feature, Kutools for Word should be installed, enjoy a 60-day free trial now!
Step 1: Activate the Split Document feature

Click Kutools Plus > Split to activate the feature.

Step 2: Customize your split
  1. Split by: Choose the criterion you want to split by.

  2. Page: If you choose Custom in the Split by drop-down list, you should type the page numbers into this textbox.

  3. Save to: Browse and choose a folder to locate the split documents.

  4. Document Prefix: Type prefix for naming the split documents.

  5. OK: Click to finish the split.

Step 3: Go to the folder and check the split documents

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Each method offers a solution for different needs: manual copying for simple extractions, printing to PDF for sharing specific pages, VBA for automated extraction, and document splitting for organizing extensive documents. By following these steps, you can manage your documents more effectively and tailor the content to your specific requirements.

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