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How to copy current document or open files in word?

When you are editing a document, you may need to copy and paste current document or all open files into another folder, or to enclose current document / all open documents into an email as attached files in Word. This tutorial will show you some tricky ways to copy current document or open files in word without closing all those documents

Copy current document with shortcut and right click in Word

Copy current document with VBA

Copy current document or open files with Kutools for Word

arrow blue right bubble Copy current document with shortcut and right click in Word

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The general method to copy the current document is pressing Ctrl + A to select the whole document, and the right click to select Copy.

arrow blue right bubble Copy current document with VBA

You can copy the current document with VBA.

Step 1: Press Alt+F11 to open the VBA window in Word;

Step 2: Click Module in Insert tab, and insert the VBA code into Module window;

Step 3: Click Run button to apply the VBA code (or press F5);

The VBA code of copy current file in Word

Sub CopyFile()
Dim fso
Dim file As String, sfol As String, dfol As String
file = "test.xls" ' change to match the file name
sfol = "C:\" ' change to match the source folder path
dfol = "E:\" ' change to match the destination folder path
Set fso = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
If Not fso.FileExists(sfol & file) Then
MsgBox sfol & file & " does not exist!", vbExclamation, "Source File Missing"
ElseIf Not fso.FileExists(dfol & file) Then
fso.CopyFile (sfol & file), dfol, True
MsgBox dfol & file & " already exists!", vbExclamation, "Destination File Exists"
End If
End Sub

arrow blue right bubble Copy current document or open files with Kutool for Word

The Kutool for Word’s Copy Current File tool provide you a very handy way to copy current documents or all open documents in Word. With one click, you can copy current document or open files quickly.

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Click Copy Current File to copy current document. Moreover, you can click Copy All Open Files to copy all open documents. If you have copy the current document or all open documents successfully, you can see or at the left-bottom of the Word window as:

Tip: After copying the documents with this utility, you can quickly enclose it as attached file in your E-mail just by pasting it.

Note: Before you copy the current document or all open documents, the current document and all open documents must be already saved.

For more detailed information about Copy Current File of Kutools for Word, please visit: Copy Current File feature description.

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