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Lookup closest match value with multiple criteria

In some cases, you may need to lookup the closest or approximate match value based on more than one criteria. With the combination of INDEX, MATCH and IF functions, you can quickly get it done in Excel.

How to lookup closest match value with more than one criteria?

As the below screenshot shown, you need to find the right person for the job based on two criteria “the major is Computer” and “the work experience is 15 years”.

Note: For this to work correctly, if there containing duplicate majors, the work experiences of these duplicate majors should be sorted in ascending order.

1. Select a blank cell to output the result, then copy below formula into it and press the Ctrl + Shift + Enter keys to get the result.


Notes: in this formula:

  • D3:D8 is the column range contains the result you are searching for;
  • G5 contains the second criteria (experience number 15) you will lookup value based on;
  • G4 contains the first criteria (Computer) you will lookup value based on;
  • B3:B8 is the range of cells matching to the first criteria;
  • C3:C8 is the range of cells matching to the second criteria;
  • Number 1 is approximate lookup, which means that if the exact value can’t be found, it will find the largest value that is less than the lookup value;
  • This formula must be entered as an array formula with the Ctrl + Shift + Enter keys.

How this formula works

This formula can be broken down into several components:

  • IF(B3:B8=G4,C3:C8): the IF function here returns the result as {9;13;FALSE;FALSE;FALSE;FALSE}, which is coming from testing the values in B3:B8 to see if they match the value in G4. If there is a match, then returns the corresponding value, otherwise, returns FALSE. Here finds two matches and four mismatches.
  • An array formula =MATCH(G5,{9;13;FALSE;FALSE;FALSE;FALSE},1): the MATCH function finds the position of number 15 (the value in G5) in range C3:C8. As the number 15 can’t be found, it match to the next smallest value 13. So the result here is 2.
  • And =INDEX(D3:D8,2): The INDEX function returns the value of the second cell in range D3:D8. So the final result is Amy.

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