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Excel FIELDVALUE Function

doc workday.intl function 1

If you want to follow along with this tutorial, please download the example spreadsheet.

doc workday.intl function 1


The FIELDVALUE function retrieves field data from linked data types like Stocks or Geography data types.

Note: For creating the data type like geography data type, please do as this:

In Excel 365 worksheet, type a city name like New York in a cell, keep the cell selected and click Data tab, then choose Geography from the Data Types group, then a card symbol is inserted at the front of the city.

doc workday.intl function 1 doc workday.intl function 1

For more information about data types, please visit Microsoft Support.

Syntax and arguments

Formula syntax

FIELDVALUE(value, field_name)


  • Value: Required, the data type with field values.
  • Field_name: Required, the field name that you want to retrieve from the linked data type, which is provided as a text value, and enclosed with double quotation marks "" in the function.

Return Value

The FIELDVALUE function returns the matched field value from the linked data type.


#FIELD! error value occurs when the argument field_name is not available in the linked data type

#NAME? error value occurs when the argument field_nane is not valid, supposing is not enclosed with double quotation marks.


For displaying the error value as blank, you can add the ISERROR function in the FIELDVALUE function like this:

=ISERROR(FIELDVALUE(value, field_name),"")


Excel 365

Usage and Examples

Example: basic usage

The list B4:B6 contains city names, then in the column C and column D, to list the corresponding latitudes and longitudes of the cities, please use formulas as below:

=FIELDVALUE($B4,"latitude") //to get the latitude value of the city name in B4

doc workday.intl function 1

=FIELDVALUE($B4,"longitude") //to get the longitude value of the city name in B4

doc workday.intl function 1

Relative Functions:

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    The Excel VLOOKUP function searches for a value by matching on the first column of a table and returns the corresponding value from a certain column in the same row.

  • Excel LOOKUP Function
    Excel LOOKUP function finds certain value in a one column or one row range, and return the corresponding value from another (one row or one column) range.

  • Excel ADDRESS Function
    The ADDRESS function returns the cell address reference as text, based on the given column number and row number.

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