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How to curve text in Word document? Step-by-step tutorial

Author: Xiaoyang Last Modified: 2024-06-13

Curved text can significantly enhance the visual appeal of headings and titles, allowing them to stand out within a document. This feature is not only ideal for creating distinct headings but also for integrating into logos or banners to establish a unique visual identity. Here’s a detailed guide on how to create curved text or other special text effect in Word.

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Curve text in Word with WordArt or Text Box feature

Microsoft Word's WordArt and Text Boxes are versatile tools for enhancing your text. WordArt offers pre-designed styles like shadows and curves, which you can customize by changing fonts and colors. Text Boxes allow you to freely position and format text anywhere on the page, making them ideal for standout layouts. Both features enable you to easily curve text, adding visual appeal to your documents.

Step 1: Open your Word file where you want to add curved text

Step 2: Insert WordArt or Text Box based on your need

  • Insert WordArt:
  • Go to the Insert tab on the Ribbon, click on WordArt, and select a style that fits your design.
  • Insert Text Box:
  • Click Text Box in the Insert tab and select Simple Text Box. See screenshot:

Step 3: Type Your Text

Enter the text that you want to curve in the selected WordArt or Text Box.

  • WordArt style:
  • Text Box style: (you can change the font, font color or font size of the text to your need.)

Step 4: Apply Curve Effect

Select the WordArt or Text Box to activate the Shape Format tab. Under the Shape Format tab, click Text Effects > Transform. Here, you'll see various curve options such as Arch, Arch: Down. Choose the one that best fits your design needs. See screenshot:

Now, we have the required curved text in Word.

Step 5: Adjust the Curvature

Once the text is curved, you can adjust the degree of curvature. To modify the size and curvature of your WordArt or text box text, follow these steps:

  • To resize the text, click and drag any of the white dots surrounding the WordArt either inward to reduce its size or outward to increase it.
  • To alter the curvature, click and drag the yellow dot. Moving this dot will change how the text curves, allowing you to shape it to your preference.

Remove curve effect in Word

If you need to remove the curve effect from text in Word, do so to maintain or restore the standard alignment and formatting of your document's text. Please do as this:

  1. Click on the curved text to select it.
  2. Go to the Shape Format tab, click on Text Effects > Transform > None to remove the curve effect and revert the text back to its original alignment. see screenshot:

Additional Customizations (Wrap around a circle or square)

Wrapping text around a circle or square in Microsoft Word can add a dynamic and visually appealing element to your documents. Here, we will briefly explain how to wrap text around both circular and square shapes in Word.

● Wrap Text Around a Circle:

After curving your text with a Circle shape from the Transform options, you may need to adjust the positioning to fully wrap the text around a circular object. This can be done by manually dragging the text box handles to fit the circle's shape or adjusting the text alignment within the text box for better distribution.

Note: For optimal results when using the Circle WordArt style, ensure your text is sufficiently long. This curved style is particularly effective for incorporating taglines or slogans into your logo designs.

● Wrap Text Around a Square:

When wrapping text around a square or rectangle in Microsoft Word, you won't find a direct text effect for this shape. Instead, you need to manually adjust the text.

  1. Choose a WordArt style and apply this style to your text
  2. Copy and paste your styled text four times, each piece representing one side of the square or rectangle.
  3. Move each section of the text to align with the sides of the square or rectangle. You may need to rotate some sections so they fit the orientation of each side.
  4. Adjust the size of each text section to ensure that it matches the length of each side of the square or rectangle.

By following these steps and tips, you can effectively incorporate curved text into your Word documents, adding a professional and creative touch to your work. To explore more tips and tricks for Microsoft Word, please click here to view additional options.

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