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Excel NEGBINOM.DIST Function

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The Excel NEGBINOM.DIST function returns returns the negative binomial distribution. The probability that will be a number of failures before a required number of successes is achieved.

For example, you want to find 3 qualified staff for your company, and you know the probability that the interviewees stratify the qualifications is 0.1. NEGBINOM.DIST function calculates the probability that you will interview a certain number of unqualified interviewees before finding these 3 qualified staff. .

Formula syntax

NEGBINOM.DIST (number_f,number_s,probability_s,cumulative)


  • number_f: required,the number of failures.
  • number_s: required,the number of successes.
  • probability_s: required,the probability of success.
  • Cumulative: required,the logical value that determines the form of the function returned.
    TRUE: NEGBINOM.DIST returns the cumulative distribution function;
    FALSE: NEGBINOM.DIST returns the probability density function.


The NEGBINOM.DIST function returns a numeric value.


  • 1. Returns #NUM! error if any one of the below occurs:
    Argument number_f is < 0;
    Argument number_s is < 1;
    Argument probability_s is < 0 or > 1.
  • 2. Returns #VALUE! error if any one of the below occurs:
    Argument number_f, number_s, probability_s are not numeric values.
    Argument cumulative is not a numeric value or a recognized logical value.


Excel 2010 and later versions.

Usage and Examples

In a table, it lists the number of failures in cell B3, the number of successes in cell C3, and the probability of success in cell D3, now to return the cumulative negative binomial distribution and Probability negative binomial distribution for the values of the table separately, please use formulas as:

Cumulative negative binomial distribution


Probability negative binomial distribution


Press Enter key.
doc dec2oct 1

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