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Kutools for Excel - Streamline Your Excel Tasks

Kutools for Excel, an exceptional third-party tool, offers a powerful enhancement to your Excel toolkit with over 300 advanced features, now including a new AI Assistant. It simplifies complex tasks and automates repetitive ones, catering to users at all levels. With the addition of AI, it further supports intelligent operations and guidance, making Excel tasks more efficient. Kutools makes your Excel experience more productive with less effort.

  • 300+ advanced features
  • 30-day free trial with full features
  • 2 Years of free upgrade
  • Buy once, use forever
  • 60-day money back guarantee
  • Supports 44 languages
  • Permanently free AI features (unlimited use after the trial)


Work Scenarios

Businesses' Trust

Users' Choice

Popular Features

  • Kutools AI Aide

    This powerful AI-driven feature revolutionizes how you interact with Excel, offering an unprecedented level of support and automation. View tutorial...

    Intelligent Execution of Operations
    Generate Custom Formula
    Invoke matching Kutools features
    Data Analysis and Chart Creation
    Create Custom Functions
    Write VBA Code
    Provide Operational Guidance
    Fulfill Other Common Needs
  • Find Duplicates

    Effortlessly select, hide, identify, or highlight duplicates in your Excel sheets based on one or more columns, excluding their first occurrences, all with just a few simple clicks. View tutorial...

    Select the duplicate rows
    Hide the rows where the duplicates are found
    Mark duplicate rows by adding keyword "Duplicate"
    Highlight the duplicate rows using a fill color
  • Column Manager

    Effortlessly manage multiple columns in Excel. Take full control of your columns like never before. View tutorial...

    Easily add columns to the left/right of selected column
    Move columns to rearrange your data with ease
    Hide or unhide columns with a single click
    Easily toggle the visibility of hidden columns
  • Merge Cells Without Losing Data

    Merge multiple columns, rows, cells without losing any data. Preserve important information within merged cells effortlessly. View tutorial...

    Merge cells across columns, rows, and a range of cells
    Specify various types of delimiters for merging cells
    Retain Data Integrity
    Ensure the data formatting remains unchanged
  • Reading Layout

    Helps to highlight the row and column of the active cell, preventing you from losing track of the position while scrolling or moving within a large dataset. View tutorial...

    Automatically highlight active row and column
    Visually distinguish the active row and column
    Dynamically change every time you select another cell
    Offers a variety of highlight shapes, styles and colors
  • Drop-down List Extension Toolset

    This carefully crafted toolset improves how your drop-down lists work, making them more flexible and functional. With this toolset, you can enjoy an effortless data processing experience that perfectly suits your specific needs. View tutorials...

    Allow selecting multiple items in drop-down lists
    Allow searching for items in drop-down lists
    Help creating dependent drop-down lists
    Help creating drop-down lists with color, picture...
  • Chart Tools

    Easily create stunning and dynamic charts that bring your data to life, unlock the full potential of your data with our Excel Chart Tools. View tutorials...

    User-friendly interface design and intuitive operation
    Provide 50+ chart types with examples
    Just need a few clicks to create an advanced chart
    Provide useful chart tools to help design charts
  • Text Tools

    Provides 12 features with more than 50 options to meet your various text processing needs with just a few clicks. View tutorials...

    Eliminate extra spaces
    Add text where you want it
    Delete or extract certain text
    Change the case of the selected text
    Reverse text string
    Mark specified words in selected cells
  • Combine Data from Multiple Worksheets/Workbooks into One

    Combine data effortlessly from different workbooks or worksheets with just a few clicks. Merging data is no longer a nightmare. View tutorials...

    Combine worksheets from workbooks into one worksheet
    Combine the same name worksheets into one worksheet
    Combine worksheets from workbooks into one workbook
    Consolidate and calculate values across worksheets

    Reasons to Get Kutools

    Feature Highlights
    Almost all the features you expect can be found in Kutools, which also possesses a large number of unique and efficient core functions.
    Performance & stability
    Efficiently handles massive data (over 100 million cells), ensuring stable performance. These operations also support undo, which is a rarity in similar tools.
    Robust & Secure
    As robust as Excel, no need to worry about malicious attacks and data leakage, ensuring a secure environment for users. No user data is collected.
    User Experience
    Supporting 44 languages globally (like Microsoft Office), its intuitive, user-friendly interface is easy to use, suitable for both Excel experts and beginners.
    Support & Service
    Offers extensive online help and user guides, with excellent free customer support to solve various issues users may encounter.
    Updates & Maintenance
    It's been continuously improving and adding new features for more than a decade and is very easy to install, uninstall and upgrade.
    Price & Value
    The price is very attractive compared to the significant efficiency, with lifetime access and 2 years of free upgrades to new versions.
    Users can freely share, communicate, and ask questions on the website's forum and in the comment section of each article.

    Overview of All Features


    History of Kutools

    Kutools for Excel is more than just an Excel add-in; it's a famous tool with a history spanning over ten years. First launched in 2008, Kutools was carefully developed by a team of more than 10 experts, and after years of continuous improvement and refinement, Kutools has evolved into a powerful piece of add-in. It has gained the trust and loyalty of more than 500,000 users. This figure is significant, as it reflects the confidence and preference of over 80,000 businesses in Kutools. Kutools for Excel is designed for both individual users and enterprises, offering powerful, easy-to-use, and dependable features and support. Elevate your Excel experience to new heights with Kutools for Excel! Increase your productivity substantially and save lots of time!

    Here From Our Satisfied Customers

    Here's what some of our satisfied customers have to say about Kutools for Excel. View All Stories
    • "Hello, I am a private user and I use excel to study. I am in awe of the power of the Kutools tool. I have tried various addin to enhance excel and the best tool is Kutools. The kindness of the support is noteworthy, quick response and excellent willingness to collaborate. 100% recommendable! Thanks Kutools team !!"


    • "This software is genius, a colleague of mine uses Kutools for her PhD and her work in investigation in the field of engineering, and spoke wonders of it. I gave it a try and loved it.
      This software saved me so many hours in excel that I can't quantify how much time and work I gained from it."


    • "I usualy work with Excel and I found Kutools as a tool to make work more effective. In fact, Kutools is an excellent work tool. Now, I'm working on an Excel document that I need make some changes too. It's an important document, include all of students and it has many worksheets, so I will use kutools to turn my task more easier and faster. Thank you for this great tool."


    • "I am using KuTools for Excel. As a 70 year old I find some of Excel's functions very complicated & time consuming to work out how to use them. Excel is an excellent program but with KuTools it becomes superb.
      KuTools make complicated tasks easy & also saves loads of time. I recommended very highly."


    • "Kutools is absolutely the business! It does all the stuff that Excel should do but can't! The functions are unbelievable and every time I discover another one it just makes me smile and laugh how handy it is. Well done to the dev's. And this is not a paid review either. It's just a bloody handy tool. Many thanks!"


    Explore More Kutools Benefits

    Kutools is not just a feature-rich Excel add-in; its overall design, user experience, and support make it an essential, powerful tool for all Excel users.

    Simplifying Complex Tasks
    Tasks that would normally require multiple steps or a higher level of Excel knowledge can be completed simply and quickly with Kutools.

    Increasing Work Efficiency
    Integrates and optimizes commonly used functions, eliminating repetitive tasks for users, thereby greatly enhancing work efficiency.

    Extremely User-Friendly Interface
    Features an interface design that conforms well to users' habits, offering an intuitive and user-friendly experience for immediate and smooth usage.

    Wide Compatibility
    Supports multiple versions of Excel, ensuring that users of different Excel versions can all benefit.

    Multilingual Support
    Supports multiple languages, making it convenient for non-English speaking users to utilize this tool.

    Abundant Online Resources & Tutorials
    The official Kutools website offers a wealth of tutorials and resources to help users better understand and utilize its features.

    Frequently Ask Questions

    If I purchase Kutools for Excel, how many computers can I use it on?
    Each Kutools for Excel license allows you to use it on 2 computers. That means you can have Kutools for Excel installed on both your office and home computers.
    If you install a copy of the Software on a Terminal Server or Citrix Server, a separate desktop application license is required for every desktop from which the application is accessed. For more information about the EULA, please visit:
    Is it free or paid to update Kutools for Excel?
    The lifetime license includes 2-year free update support.
    After the 2-year period, you cannot update to any new versions but you can still use the old versions of the software indefinitely.
    Is there a refund policy for Kutools for Excel?
    Yes, we offer a 60-day unconditional money-back guarantee. If you find that Kutools for Excel doesn't meet your requirements within 60 days of purchase, we will provide a full refund.
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